The Beacons of Gondor Summon You To Minas Tirith—Experience the City of Kings In Minecraft with RTX on Windows 10

Resting on the shoulder of Mount Mindolluin lies the mighty Tower of the Guard, or Minas Tirith—the legendary capital of Gondor. Built for the most exalted of heroes, this majestic city is most known for its appearance in the Tolkien epic Return of the King

Now you can wander the zig-zagged streets, furnished houses, royal halls, and battle structures of the City of Kings with Minecraft Middle-Earth’s Minas Tirith map enhanced by RTX. Witness the structural ingenuity that drew Gandalf and Pippin to seek refuge from Sauron by downloading the map here.

Watch the magic of Minecraft Middle-Earth’s Minas Tirirth world with RTX ON below:


Since 2010, Minecraft Middle-Earth has built jaw-dropping renditions of Tolkien-world locations with steadfast accuracy. Described by PCGamesN Magazine as one of the “best minecraft servers,” Minecraft Middle-Earth provides magnificently enchanting builds for Tolkien and minecraft enthusiasts alike.

Enable RTX ON while wandering Minas Tirirth for a truly immersive experience. From the lifelike visual aesthetic delivered from ray tracing and colour merging with the power and performance of DLSS, one can truly feel a part of the legendary Tolkien saga. Minecraft Middle-Earth spared no detail in bringing this mythical city to life—they even included an elaborate sewer system.

Feeling inspired by Middle-Earth’s massive Tolkien inspired build?

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