Minecraft with RTX Beta: More of Our Favourite Community Creations

By Steve Carlson on July 21, 2020 | Featured Stories Minecraft with RTX

For many gamers, modding Minecraft is just as exciting as playing Minecraft, so it’s no wonder that the game is one of the most heavily-modified PC titles out there. Whether they’re adding their own custom textures to the game, recreating famous buildings or cities, or building their own unique worlds, gamers love pouring their imagination into creating something that they can share with the rest of the world.

Last month we shared some of the interesting and exciting things that gamers from around the globe had been doing with the Minecraft with RTX Beta for Windows 10, and now we’re back with more!

If you haven’t already checked out the beta, it unlocks powerful new options and capabilities that can beautifully detailed worlds using path-traced ray tracing. Your existing worlds can be recreated and rendered in stunning visual detail, with the most realistic lighting and shadows ever seen in Minecraft.

Madeira in Minecraft RTX

“Madeira in Minecraft” is a huge RTX map built by the German creator Pixelbiester in collaboration with the YouTuber Unge. It shows various impressions of Madeira’s capital Funchal and its surroundings in an epic combination of realism and the beauty of Minecraft with RTX. Not only can you enjoy the atmosphere and sights of the Island in this map, but also enjoy your time with different mini-games such as a jet ski race, an easter egg hunt, or a mirror maze. If you’re after a well-earned break, however, you can also just relax on the promenade or skate in the park. No matter your choice, Madeira in Minecraft is a map you won’t want to miss.


Mineland RTX

Mineland is a popular map in Czech Republic, with the special feature that each of the buildings of the map is created by different renowned Czech Minecraft players. Minecraft Creator Pedro recently converted the map to RTX with amazing results. Check them out for yourself here:


Marcy’s Fantasy World, Upgraded with RTX

A big fantasy map with different houses, floating buildings, and statues? Count us in! Built originally by the Italian YouTuber Marcy, he has converted it from Java to RTX. Check it out here:


Gabby16bit’s Colorful RTX Wonderland

With a wide array of environments and colours, this wonderful map created by Italian YouTuber Gabby16bit is one of our Favourites.


TheMark’s RTX Mansion

An outstanding mansion with a remarkable village nearby. Italian YouTuber TheMark spent years working on the Java version of this map, and now it’s finally available for Minecraft with RTX.


TheClym Walks You Through His RTX Conversion Process

German creator TheClym explains step by step how he converted his “Craft Attack 5” Java world into an RTX world. If you speak German, this is your definitive guide!


Explore Shader Performance Differences in RTX with TheClym

TheClym also explored the visual and performance differences between the most popular Java Shaders and the RTX version of the game in this other video.


Inside the Magic of Hogwarts in Minecraft RTX

Two popular German creators, Maudado and GermanLetsPlay, explore the converted RTX version of their beloved Java recreation of Hogwarts. Plenty of RTX magic in this one!


Wankil Studio Walks You Through His World

Crazy mini-games await you on the most famous map by French-Creator "Wankil Studio". Together with Jiraya, Xari, and Hugo Délire, they explore the map and compete against one another in this exciting Minecraft with RTX Map.


From Java to Bedrock - Upgrading Your World to RTX

For the French speakers out there, Aurelien Sama explains in this step by step guide how to convert your worlds from Java to Bedrock at a glance. Time to let your creativity flow!


If you want to make your own unique Minecraft with RTX content, be sure to check out our World Conversion and Resource Pack creation guides. And for inspiration, download and play our free creator-made worlds, which take full advantage of ray tracing’s capabilities and possibilities. Also, you can download and try the PBR Resource Packs made by other players to modify the look and feel of your creations (just be sure to credit their work if you use it!).

And don’t forget, we’re running an ongoing Minecraft with RTX sweepstakes, in which you can win GPUs and Minecraft prizes. Share your creations for a chance to win.