Mortal Kombat 11 Adds NVIDIA Ansel and Highlights On PC

By Andrew Burnes on May 17, 2019 | Featured Stories NVIDIA Ansel NVIDIA Highlights

With the latest versions of GeForce Experience and our Game Ready Drivers installed, players of Mortal Kombat 11 on PC can now capture unique in-game photos using NVIDIA Ansel, and automatically record their best kombos and moments with NVIDIA Highlights.

Take And Customize Photos With NVIDIA Ansel

By hitting Alt+F2 during offline battles, and in the Krypt, Mortal Kombat 11 players can frame their own HUDless in-game screenshots, and then apply filters and other tweaks.

Change the camera angle, tilt, zoom, change the color palette, or add a completely different style using the many available tools, and dozens of stackable filters.

Once you’ve crafted a masterpiece, or simply snapped something others with enjoy, upload your photo to our sharing site, Shot With GeForce.

Automatically Capture Your Best Gameplay Moments With NVIDIA Highlights

Gamers with the latest versions of our software, and the latest version of Mortal Kombat 11, will see a prompt next time they load the game, asking if they wish to enable NVIDIA Highlights (if you don’t, open GeForce Experience, click the cog on the top right, switch on “In-Game Overlay” in General Settings, and restart the game).

Once enabled, the following events will trigger NVIDIA Highlights to automatically save a gameplay video:

  • Fatal Blow – Successfully execute a Fatal Blow attack on an opponent
  • Fatality – Finish Them!
  • Killing Blow – Kill your opponent with any attack
  • Kombo – Perform an uninterrupted high damage combo, dealing 25% or more damage to the opponent’s total life bar
  • Kounter – Perform an uninterrupted counterattack, dealing 15% or more damage to the opponent’s total life bar

At the end of the match, you can click the “NVIDIA Highlights” button to access recordings and screenshots. Alternatively, access them through the “PC Features” settings menu.  Upon clicking the button, the GeForce Experience in-game overlay will open, enabling you to quickly review, edit and share your Highlights.

If you wish to disable specific Highlight triggers, press Alt+Z in-game, click the cog icon, and navigate to Highlights.

NVIDIA Highlights is also available a number of other games with GeForce Experience support, listed in full here.