Outriders Out Now, Accelerate Performance With NVIDIA DLSS

By Andrew Burnes on April 01, 2021 | Featured Stories Bundles GeForce RTX GPUs Laptops NVIDIA DLSS Outriders

People Can Fly and Square Enix’s Outriders is available now, and is enhanced on PC with NVIDIA DLSS, accelerating frame rates by up to 73% at 4K, giving players a faster, smoother, better experience.

Outriders is a single-player and co-op action role-playing game that’s hotly tipped for success following the release of an incredibly popular demo. Take up the mantle of a superhuman character on an alien world, fighting to save the last remnants of humanity on a hostile alien world. Fight through different zones, uncover secrets, and battle hordes of enemies. And for the best possible experience play on a GeForce RTX GPU, for maximum performance and the most responsive gameplay.

Outriders Launches With NVIDIA DLSS

NVIDIA DLSS uses AI, powered by Tensor Cores inside each GeForce RTX GPU, to boost frame rates.  Enjoy smoother, more fluid gameplay, or use the extra uplift to play at higher resolutions, with better visual effects, and to enable ray tracing in applicable titles.

In Outriders, NVIDIA DLSS helps all GeForce RTX gamers to maintain smooth playable frame rates during the title’s most hectic 3-player moments, where enemies and effects fill the screen. By simply switching DLSS on in Outriders’ options menu, you can boost your performance by up to 73%:

At 4K, the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti and up, and previous-gen cards of equivalent speed, can all enjoy Outriders at 60 FPS or more. At 2560x1440, every single GeForce RTX GPU user can exceed 60 FPS, and at 1920x1080, the most popular resolution of all, GeForce RTX 3060 Ti users and up can play at over 144 FPS, for the fastest, smoothest experience possible.


NVIDIA DLSS is available in 40 games at the time of writing, and is coming to more titles each and every month.

Outriders Game Ready Driver: Download Now

For optimum performance in Outriders on any GeForce graphics card or laptop, be sure to download and install our new Outriders Game Ready Driver from GeForce Experience or our website.

In addition to support for Outriders and its aforementioned NVIDIA DLSS integration, we’ve got plenty of other good stuff in this new driver, making it a recommended download for GeForce gamers. For full details, head to our dedicated Game Ready Driver article.

Outriders GeForce RTX Laptop Bundle

If you’re upgrading to experience Outriders at its best, or are simply in the market for a new laptop, you should know that we’re currently offering a digital Steam copy of Outriders to buyers of eligible GeForce RTX laptops at participating partners.


GeForce RTX laptops and NVIDIA DLSS give you the performance to play Outriders at higher frame rates making them perfect for enjoying Outriders anywhere, anytime. Our newest GeForce RTX 30 Series laptops boast AI-powered 3rd Gen Max-Q technologies like Dynamic Boost 2.0 and WhisperMode 2.0, giving you faster performance, longer battery life, and quieter acoustics. Learn more here.


Our Outriders GeForce RTX laptop bundle will be available until April 15th, 2021. Head to our bundle page to discover which GeForce RTX 20 Series and 30 Series laptops are eligible for a digital download copy of the game at participating partners.

Outriders On GeForce NOW

If your GeForce PC or laptop isn’t with you, you can still stay in the game with GeForce NOW. Stream your gameplay across a variety of devices, and keep the battle on Enoch going. 

GeForce NOW members will be able to stream Outriders from our cloud gaming servers when it launches. Founders and Priority members will take advantage of priority access to gaming servers, extended session lengths, and can even play with DLSS support. With GeForce NOW, you’re never too far from the game.

Buy Outriders on your game store of choice, and stream it to nearly any PC, Mac, Chromebook, SHIELD, Android or iOS device. That’s the magic of GeForce NOW.

Outriders, Out Now

Outriders is available now - grab the Game Ready Driver, activate NVIDIA DLSS in-game, stream it even if you are away from your rig with GeForce NOW and get the definitive experience.

To learn about all the other games we’re enhancing with NVIDIA DLSS and other awesome technologies, bookmark GeForce.com and follow our social media accounts on your platform of choice.