PC Building Simulator adds GeForce RTX GPUs As It Leaves Early Access

By Chris Scott Barr on February 05, 2019 | Featured Stories

One of the most satisfying parts about building a new gaming PC is turning it on and seeing it run for the very first time. Now that PC Building Simulator has left Early Access, you’ll be able to experience that feeling over and over. And best of all, your in-game PC can be now customised with NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs!

PC Building Simulator puts you in the role of a repair tech that slowly builds an empire out of selling and fixing PCs. You’ll work your way up the chain by diagnosing and solving issues that could be experienced by real-world computers. The game also teaches you how to assemble a custom PC, and simulates the same steps you would take if you were building your own gaming rig as you assemble them for your clients.


Perhaps the most interesting part of the game is the Free Mode, where you can spend your time picking out the pieces and parts of your own custom build. There are hundreds of parts to choose from, each officially licensed and based off of a real-world part. This allows you to plan out your dream machine down to the lighting and cabling in the game, see how it looks when it's running, and even benchmark it so you have an idea of how it will perform.

When PC Building Simulator left Early Access a few days ago, The Irregular Corporation added in a new Hard Mode, Steam Achievements, and a full soundtrack. They also added in a host of new components to ensure you can have the best hardware possible in your dream build. And for the first time, you will be able to select the Founder’s Edition GeForce RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080 Ti GPUs in your custom PC!

If you want to build your own virtual PC, PC Building Simulator is out now on Steam.