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All the GeForce RTX News From CES 2024

We’ve unveiled new GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series graphics cards, new RTX games, new generative AI innovations, new enhancements for RTX Video Super Resolution, new GeForce NOW games and features, new G-SYNC technologies, and tons more. Check out a summary of our GeForce announcements, or navigate to in-depth articles on each topic below.

GeForce RTX 40 Series Gets SUPER

We’re supercharging gaming, creating, and AI performance with the new GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER, RTX 4070 Ti SUPER, and RTX 4070 SUPER. Upgrade and get superpowers.

RTX Driving Generative AI on PC

Pioneering the generative AI revolution, check out new laptops with the most capable and fastest built-in AI accelerators to unlock the full potential of AI workflows. Plus, new RTX-accelerated software and tools for AI performance that are beyond fast.

500 RTX Games and Apps. And Counting

Over 500 RTX games and apps have revolutionized the way we play and create. At CES, we announced 14 new RTX games including Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition, Pax Dei, Diablo IV, and more.

NVIDIA ACE - Digital Characters

NVIDIA and Developers Pioneer Lifelike Digital Characters for Games and Applications With NVIDIA ACE and generative AI technologies.

NVIDIA RTX Remix Open Beta

RTX Remix Open Beta launches January 22. Create stunning RTX remasters of classic games with full ray tracing and DLSS. Use generative AI tools to transform assets, bringing RTX to life.

Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting

Available starting later this month, streamers can broadcast multiple encodes simultaneously from a PC with a GeForce RTX GPU, delivering the highest quality visuals to a wider range of viewers.

The Creative AI-vantage with RTX

Creators rejoice! Introducing commercially safe generative AI with iStock, powered by NVIDIA Picasso. Plus, RTX Video adds HDR mode for better online video viewing, new Studio-validated laptops purpose-built for content creation, and more.

G-SYNC Innovations

Introducing G-SYNC Pulsar tech — the new gold standard for motion clarity and stutter-free gaming — plus G-SYNC on GeForce NOW, 4K 240Hz OLED, and more!

Three’s a Cloud

New Activision and Blizzard Games streaming soon, and premium Day Passes added to the GeForce NOW membership options. Plus, new G-SYNC technology is coming to the cloud.

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