FrameView 1.4 Release Notes

Below is a list of the following changes in the FrameView 1.4 release.

  • Easy Latency Benchmarking with PC Latency
    • No input required
    • No special hardware
    • No specific mouse or monitor
    • Focuses on the PC itself. Isolates PC latency away from mouse and display latency to center on a PC’s raw performance
  • Measure latency at the same time as FPS. Just press the benchmarking hotkey to get immediate results. Testing latency has never been easier!
  • All metrics compatible with DLSS 3 Frame Generation
  • Cross-platform GPU reviews. Easily compare different GPUs and vendors.
  • Easily see the latency reduction benefits of NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex
  • Measure latency per frame
  • 1% Low FPS stutter metric now available
  • Instant benchmarking results in the overlay - see your results as you go!

To download FrameView, or for more information including the user guide, please go to