FrameView 1.1 Release Notes

This release focused on adding Vulkan Overlay support, revamping the summary and log file structure, adding CPU metrics, adding PCAT support, and the release of the FrameView Excel Analyzer templates. 

Below is a list of the following changes in the FrameView 1.1 release.

  • New Metrics:
    • Added a new metric called Rendering Present Latency 
    • Added CPU metrics: CPU Clocks, Utilization, Temperature, and Power 
    • Added Additional GPU Metrics: GPU Clocks, Utilization, and Temperature
    • System parameters like CPU name, GPU name, API, Resolution (only for full-screen mode), OS, System RAM, Motherboard, GPU Base Driver, and GPU driver Package in log files  
  • New Support: 
    • Added Vulkan Overlay Support 
    • Per-app log files are now generated for multiple concurrent runs
  • New Features:  
    • Full support for PCAT (Power Capture Analysis Tool) Power numbers from PCAT are logged in FrameView Log files with corresponding changes in FV overlay
    • Installer Support and UI improvements 
    • Excel Analyzer Template for Charting

To download FrameView, or for more information including the user guide, please go to