AI is driving innovation across businesses of every size and scale.


Organizations at every stage of growth—from startups to Fortune 500s—are using deep learning and AI. Deep learning, the fastest growing field in AI, is empowering immense progress in all kinds of emerging markets and will be instrumental in ways we haven’t even imagined.   

Already, deep learning is enabling self-driving cars, smart personal assistants, and smarter Web services. But the opportunities aren’t limited to a few business-specific areas. AI and deep learning are shaping innovation across industries. Applications of AI, such as fraud detection and supply chain modernization, are being used by the world’s most advanced teams and organizations.   


The average off-shore rig generates 50 TB of data/yr, & less than 1% of it is actionable. Learn how NVIDIA & BHGE are partnering to bring new efficiencies to oil & gas through the power of AI. More >


Accenture Labs can quickly detect security threats by analysing anomalies in large-scale network graphs using GPUs and GPU-accelerated libraries. More >

Clemson University Success Story

Clemson University HPC administrators support GPU-optimized containers to help scientists accelerate research. More >

Smarter, Faster, Visual Search

Bing uses NVIDIA GPU technology to speed up object detection and deliver pertinent results in real time. More >

AI Brings a Critical Eye to Video

JD uses NVIDIA AI inference platform to achieve 40X increase in video detection efficiency. More >

Inference Voice Applications

iFLYTEK’s Voice Cloud Platform uses NVIDIA Tesla P4 and P40 GPUs for training and inference, to increase speech recognition accuracy. More >

AI for Video Data

NVIDIA Inception Program startup Valossa is using NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate deep learning and divine viewer behavior from video data. More >

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

NVIDIA GPU-powered AI accelerates mapping and analysis of population distribution around the globe. More >


University of Florida and University of North Carolina develop ANAKIN-ME neural network engine to produce computationally fast quantum mechanical simulations with high accuracy at a very low cost. More >

Princeton Iter Fusion Energy

See how deep learning can be used to predict disruptions in a tokamak fusion reactor, paving the way to clean energy. More >

NCSA Gravity Group

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detects gravitational waves millions of light years away in real-time. More >


In order to better keep a finger on the pulse of the Earth’s health, NASA developed DeepSat, a deep learning framework for satellite image classification and segmentation. More >

Eni’s Oil and Gas Exploration

Eni has expanded their computing capacity with their latest GPU hybrid system, called HPC4, set to revolutionize how exploration oil and gas activities are managed. More >


WePods are the first self-driving public transport system, leading the way for smart cities everywhere. More >


Using GPU-accelerated deep learning, Pinterest taught its system to recognize image features with a richly annotated dataset of billions of Pins curated by its users. More >

Adobe DeepFont

Adobe created DeepFont to assist designers with font identification. Curves and other characteristics in a captured image are examined and compared to a 20,000-font database. More >


Graphistry is using GPUs to protect the largest companies and organizations in the world by visually alerting them of attacks and big outages. More >


This inspiring startup is developing a wearable device that uses artificial intelligence and GPUs to understand the world and help blind and visually disabled people “see”. More >

Insilico Medicine

Insilico Medicine applies its GPU-accelerated DeepPharma platform to help find treatments for cancer and other serious age-related diseases. More >


GPU-powered Android™ tablets help rural community health workers manage eye problems caused by diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. More >


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