Solutions for AI at the Edge

Creating a Faster, Smarter World

AI is erupting at the edge. AI and cloud native applications, IoT and its billions of sensors, and 5G networking now make large-scale AI at the edge possible. But it needs a scalable, accelerated platform that can drive decisions in real time and allow every industry to deliver automated intelligence to the point of action—stores, manufacturing, hospitals, smart cities. That brings people, businesses, and accelerated services together, and that makes the world a smaller, more connected place.

Real- time AI at the Edge

How to Deploy AI at the Edge

The Most Powerful Edge AI Platform

The NVIDIA EGX platform provides a range of validated servers and devices, an end-to-end software stack, and a vast ecosystem of partners offering EGX in their products and services to deliver the power of accelerated AI computing to the edge.

Edge AI Applications for Industries

The NGC registry provides Helm charts and containers that allow IT teams to quickly deploy GPU-powered systems remotely and easily run GPU-optimized edge AI applications so organizations can make smarter and faster decisions.

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