Transforming India with Deep Learning

Enabling the Einsteins and Da Vincis of Our Era

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(Note: this is a FREE event. There is no charge to attend).

Deep learning is remaking the world as we know it. A revolution has started. A revolution because it allows enterprises to create predictive models with uncanny accuracy on previously hard-to-analyze data such as images, voice, and natural language. A revolution because the internet giants have all embraced deep learning as their go-forward AI strategy. And, finally, a revolution because it has only just begun.

It’s happening now, and India will never be the same. A convergence of technology leaps, social transformations, and genuine economic needs has over‐come decades of inertia, lifting AI from its academic roots and propelling it to the forefront of business and industry. Make no mistake; every nook and cranny of the modern economy will feel the impact of AI. All the traditional industrial sectors—energy, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, mining, logistics, construction, retail, entertainment, education, information technology, government, and all their various subsectors will be transformed by the AI revolution.

We are truly at the opening stages of a rare paradigm shift. The NVIDIA Developer Connect event series brings together AI developers, data scientists, researchers, academia, influencers and other stakeholders to look at AI trends, technology, use cases and India’s role and opportunities in what many are calling the fourth Industrial Revolution.


Meet some of the best minds in research - Amazing things can happen when you bring thousands of the brightest scientists and engineers together. The latest techniques are shared. New ideas are born.

Learn from hundreds of hours of scientific content and cutting-edge research - Want to learn how Hospitals can use GPUs for drug development?

Experience the GPU computing movement - It’s an incredible experience to see how quickly GPU computing has influenced such a broad base of research disciplines.


Students, Developers, Govt. change enablers, Academicians, data scientists and senior decision makers should attend developer connects. This series of events will showcase the most vital work in the computing industry today, including deep learning and AI, big data analytics, virtual reality, and much more.

(Note: this is a FREE event. There is no charge to attend).

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Also, if interested in an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute hands on lab in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune & Bengaluru, visit:


Hyderabad : 15th November 2017
The Park, 22 Rajbhavan Road, Hyderabad
Phone: 040-2345-6789

Chennai : 22nd November 2017
Le Royal Meridian, 1 GST Road, St Thomas Mount, Chennai
Phone: 044 2231 4343

Delhi : 29th November 2017
The Suryaa, New Friends Colony, New Delhi
Phone: 011-2683-5070

Mumbai : 13th December 2017
Ramada Powai Hotel & Convention Centre,
Saki Vihar Road, Near L&T Gate No. 1
Before NITIE, Powai, Mumbai
Phone: 022-6777-6000

Pune : 15th December 2017
The Sheraton Grand, RBM Road, Behind Pune Railway Station, Pune
Phone: 020-6641-1084

Bengaluru : 20th December 2017
Lalit Ashok, Kumara Krupa High Grounds, Next to Windsor Manor & CM Guest House, Bengaluru
Phone: 080 3052 7777


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