Accelerate early drug discovery with generative AI.

What Is BioNeMo?

NVIDIA BioNeMo™ is a cloud service for generative AI in drug discovery. With NVIDIA cloud APIs, researchers can quickly customize and deploy domain-specific, state-of-the-art generative and predictive biomolecular AI models at scale. BioNeMo enables researchers and developers to use generative AI models to rapidly generate the structure and function of proteins and biomolecules, accelerating the creation of new drug candidates.

Accelerate AI-Powered Drug Discovery With BioNeMo

Learn how BioNeMo’s user-friendly interface and optimized training and inferencing routines are paired with on-demand supercomputing infrastructure to support the most expensive, time-consuming stages of early drug discovery pipelines. BioNeMo is a part of NVIDIA AI Foundations—a set of model-making services that advance enterprise-level generative AI. It enables model customization across use cases in areas such as text (NVIDIA NeMo), visual content (NVIDIA Picasso), and biology (NVIDIA BioNeMo).

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Learn how large language models are transforming the way we approach data analysis in life sciences.

Explore Features and Benefits

State-of-the-Art Biomolecular Models for AI Drug Discovery

Customize and deploy AI models for 3D protein structure prediction, de novo protein and small molecule generation, property predictions, and molecular docking.

Turnkey Solution Through a Web Interface or Cloud APIs

Access pretrained models through cloud APIs or an easy-to-use web interface for interactive inference, visualization, and experimentation.

Training and Optimization on an AI Supercomputer in the Cloud

Optimize and train models with NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud, the multi-node AI training-as-a-service solution.

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Read how BioNeMo will enable end-to-end modular drug discovery—accelerating research and understanding of proteins, DNA, and chemicals.

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Check out the GTC session “AI-Powered Drug Discovery for Generative Chemistry and Proteins, Including NVIDIA BioNeMo.”

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