Get Ready For The Age Of AI

NVIDIA Ideation Workshop

Every organization in the world has AI on their agenda, but most don’t know where or how to get started. An NVIDIA Ideation workshop provides the opportunity to proactively formulate and drive an AI strategy that makes sense for your business.

Get expert advice from NVIDIA’s AI experts in our sponsored, structured workshop as we guide you through the key steps.


Bring all your stakeholders, including IT leaders, data scientists and non-technical executives, to the table. Through interviews and discussion, we’ll seek to:

  • Establish where you are in your AI Journey, what are your goals and use cases
  • Explore how to accelerate the business, reduce time to insight, and achieve the desired ROI


Leveraging NVIDIA’s experience and expertise, your business can then:

  • Map your goals to a schedule of activities and set priorities
  • Create a roadmap to start using AI in your business


Our team of experts can advise on how to effectively move forwards with AI providing recommendations on:

  • Running pilot projects to gain momentum
  • How to build an in-house AI team
  • Providing AI training
  • Managing internal & external communications

Start your AI journey today. Apply for a sponsored Ideation Workshop for your organization. Limited availability.


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