Drug Discovery Accelerated by Transformer Neural Networks

Get deep insights into the crucial role of GPU-powered transformer AI models for accelerating pharmaceutical innovation and designing new therapies.

Disrupting Drug Development with Evolutionary AI and HPC

Get analyst insights on the importance of GPU-powered transformer neural networks for accelerating drug discovery and development. From top industry challenges and use cases to applications for fighting COVID-19, this IDC Perspective highlights everything you need to know about the growing importance of neural networks in drug discovery.

Train biomedical NLP models

Training Biomedical NLP Models

Leveraging real-world data to build clinical language models is enabling the development of precision medicine strategies, the prediction of health outcomes, and assisting in patient recruitment.

Predict protein structures using AI

AI-Powered Protein Structure Prediction

Understanding the 3D form of a protein is very complex, challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. Machine learning is enabling rapid, accurate prediction of protein structures.

Screen compounds with HPC

HPC to Hyperscale Compound Screening

Transformer-enabled supercomputing is replacing computationally-intensive physics-based approaches to evaluate billions of compounds in minutes.

Accelerate COVID-19 research for vaccinations and treatments.

Accelerating COVID-19 Research

From genome analysis to cryo-EM and advanced molecular simulations, GPU-powered solutions are  accelerating discovery of vaccines and therapies for COVID-19.


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