AI-Powered Medical Devices

AI-powered medical devices can help clinicians detect and measure anomalies, up-level surgical skills, enhance image quality, and optimize workflows. With NVIDIA’s industry-specific, full-stack platform, developers and data scientists can quickly integrate AI into their next-generation devices, supporting healthcare professionals and researchers everywhere.

The Developer Conference for the Era of AI and the Metaverse

Conference & Training September 19 - 22 | Keynote September 20

The Developer Conference
for the Era of AI and the Metaverse

Conference & Training September 19 - 22 | Keynote September 20

AI is creating new possibilities in healthcare. A new generation of software-defined medical devices are enabling real-time sensing, and smart hospitals are improving clinical experiences for better precision medicine. Get the latest innovations across healthcare at GTC22.

  • The Rise of Transformer AI and Digital Twins in Healthcare

    • Kimberly Powell, Vice President of Healthcare, NVIDIA

    The healthcare industry is generating about one-third of the world’s data. Breakthroughs in AI, accelerated computing, and real-time sensing have created new opportunities for drug discovery and healthcare delivery. Transformer AI models are powering a new era of life sciences, helping researchers encode the structure and function of biology and chemistry, making sense of unstructured patient data, and improving detection and diagnosis in medical imaging.

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  • Beyond Buzzwords—the Application of AI in the OR Today and Tomorrow

    • George Murgatroyd, General Manager and VP, Digital Surgery, Surgical Robotics, Medtronic
    • Kimberly Powell, Vice President of Healthcare, NVIDIA

    Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Robotics and automation. Digital ecosystems. Big data and the cloud. These technologies have incredible potential to advance healthcare for patients around the world. But how are these digital technologies being deployed in today’s operating room, and what impact are they having?

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  • The Atlas/NVIDIA Collaboration as a Paradigm for Other Surgical Specialties

    • Aaron Cohen-Gadol, President, Neurosurgical Atlas

    We'll discuss the role of high-level computing and digital twins in transforming surgical subspecialties, specifically neurosurgery. The roles of image segmentation, surgical robotics, and navigation will be explored.

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  • Take Medical AI from Research to Clinical Production with MONAI and Clara Holoscan

    • Raghav Mani, Head of Product Management, Healthcare AI, NVIDIA
    • Prerna Dogra, Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA

    The life cycle of medical AI involves labeling data, training models, building and optimizing AI applications, and finally deploying and monitoring these applications in clinical production. Project MONAI has a rich suite of tools that can help researchers and data scientists label data and train top-performing models rapidly. Clara Holoscan allows engineers to then take these models and package them into optimized AI applications that can be safely deployed in a production setting.

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Explore Use Cases

Diagnostic Imaging

Detect missed anomalies, automatically measure volumes, improve image quality, extract qualitative information on tissues in real time, and longitudinally track changes by leveraging AI models built with NVIDIA’s AI computing platform for images and streaming data.

AI in Medical Imaging
Image courtesy of UCSF
4k streaming video on NVIDIA’s AI computing platform
Image courtesy of Kaliber.AI

Digital Surgery

Uplevel surgeries with AI models that help surgeons with alerts, segmentation of organs, and optimized analytics on 4k streaming video.

Digital Pathology

Identify more patterns and optimize pathology workflows in images and in AI-powered microscopes.

Digital Pathology
Genomic Sequencing with AI
Image courtesy of Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Genomic Sequencing

Accelerate genomic sequencing from sample to clinical report with AI-based basecalling in next-generation sequencers and optimized genomic analysis for genomes, exomes, and gene panels.

Patient Monitoring

Improve patient care by processing multiple streams of high-bandwidth data while providing insights in real time.

Access to real-time insights

Bring Next-Generation Medical Devices to Market Faster

From training AI models and building medical AI applications to conducting preproduction verification and deploying at the edge and in the cloud, the NVIDIA Clara Holoscan platform provides powerful hardware and software for building the next generation of medical devices. NVIDIA Clara Holoscan allows companies to explore new AI-powered capabilities, accelerate time to market, and lower development and maintenance costs.

Powering Intelligent Medical Devices

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Visualize Microscopy Images of Living Cells in Real-Time

At the University of California, Berkeley’s Advanced Bioimaging Center, lightsheet microscopy researchers are using NVIDIA Clara Holoscan with NVIDIA IndeX® to automatically detect cellular activities in real time.

AI Computing for Medical

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan seamlessly bridges medical devices with the data center, supporting innovators building signal processing, AI inference, and visualization workflows for a software-defined medical device ecosystem that spans radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy, robotic surgery, patient monitoring, and beyond.

Removing Artifacts in Ultrasound Imaging

Because blood flow can exceed the rate at which ultrasound color doppler imaging can capture images, aliasing artifacts can occur and obscure visualizations. The LITMUS group at the University of Waterloo used NVIDIA Clara Holoscan to better visualize blood flow and ​​also increased the frame rate from 2fps to 30 fps.

Fujifilm’s Cardio StillShot Software

Capturing 6X Better Temporal Resolution at Any Heart Rate

Capturing clear diagnostic images of a beating heart and its vasculature is challenging in cardiac computed tomography (CT) imaging. Fujifilm Healthcare overcame this challenge with NVIDIA GPUs, adding premium capabilities to scanners via a software enhancement and avoiding costly redesigns and manufacturing upgrades.

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan

Accelerating Innovation in the Medical Device Industry

Innovation in medical device technology combined with AI is giving healthcare professionals better decision-making tools to deliver care in robot-assisted surgery, interventional radiology, radiation therapy planning, and more. Learn how NVIDIA Clara Holoscan is helping companies build and deploy software-defined medical devices.

Discuss How to Unlock the Potential of Your Business

Discuss How to Unlock the Potential of Your Business

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Discover Training to Meet Your Organization's Goals

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