• What is it?

    NVIDIA LaunchPad is a free program that provides users with short-term access to a large catalog of hands-on labs. Now enterprises and organizations can immediately tap into the hardware and software stacks necessary to experience end-to-end solution workflows in the areas of AI, data science, 3D design collaboration and simulation, and more.

    LaunchPad helps developers, designers, and IT professionals speed up the creation and deployment of modern, data-intensive applications. After quick testing and prototyping, the same complete stack can be deployed for production workflows, so more confident software and infrastructure decisions can be made.

  • Can I use my own data?

    If you'd like to test a specific workload, our team would be happy to work with you.

  • Which servers are used?

    We use NVIDIA-Certified™ Systems featuring NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs. The NVIDIA enterprise software that customers can experience on NVIDIA LaunchPad can be run on NVIDIA-Certified servers from our OEM partners.

  • Is it available globally?

    NVIDIA LaunchPad is available worldwide through nine locations with NVIDIA enterprise software on NVIDIA-Certified Systems. These locations include Equinix data centers across the United States, Europe, Japan, and Singapore.

  • Who's qualified to use it?

    Anyone interested in testing out our available enterprise software solutions qualifies to participate in the program. With LaunchPad, you don't need your own infrastructure or data to access these free labs.

  • How much does it cost?

    NVIDIA LaunchPad experiences are free of charge for qualified enterprises..

  • How is my application data used?

    Following a project, systems and data are deleted and all physical servers used are reimaged.

    How much infrastructure is provisioned? By default, a single accelerated server will be provided. Additional resources can be allocated if required.