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NVIDIA’s Venture Capital (VC) Alliance is an initiative between NVIDIA and investors around the world who are focused on startups building cutting-edge technology with AI, data science, and high-performance computing (HPC). By joining the Alliance, investors can access a wide range of members-only benefits, including direct portfolio support, introductions to startups, and opportunities to work closer with NVIDIA.

Founding NVIDIA VC Members

The Conference for the Era of AI and the Metaverse

Developer Conference March 20-23 | Keynote March 21

Don't miss these three upcoming venture capitialists sessions at GTC.

Emerging Venture Themes for 2023 – Generative AI

Hear from NVIDIA's experts on the latest breakthroughs in Generative AI and how NVIDIA’s platform is powering the next generation of startups. During the session, you will also hear from a panel of VCs leading domain-specific investments and breakthrough startups leveraging new AI-generated approaches.

Essential Tech for GenAI Startups

Learn more about the performance, cost, and scalability benefits of using NVIDIA SDKs for accelerating generative AI with NVIDIA technologies. We'll discuss implementing and optimizing generative AI workflows on GPUs, and the benefits 

Riding the Wave: Generative AI for Startups

Still in its infancy, generative AI is already disrupting countless industries and unlocking new market opportunities at lightning speed. The innovators who leverage these breakthroughs will shape our collective futures and establish themselves 

Accelerate your portfolio with the NVIDIA VC Alliance today.

Together with NVIDIA's deep understanding of AI and data science, Mayfield is positioned to help startups more easily navigate the unique challenges of the investment landscape. The Alliance will enable AI startups to focus their time, through direct collaboration with VC experts, so they can work smarter and more efficiently.

— Navin Chaddha, Managing Director, Mayfield

AI startups are at the forefront of innovation and the NVIDIA VC Alliance will bring them even closer access to the leading venture capital firms investing in AI. Exposure to world-class capabilities from VC partners creates a fast-track for AI startups to accelerate their business in a way that benefits their stakeholders, customers, and investors.

— Greg Papadopoulos, Venture Partner, New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

At In-Q-Tel, we have seen a lot of corporate programs focused on helping VC-backed startups, and to be honest, the NVIDIA Inception program is one of the best. The Inception program helps startups and creates a relationship for all parties that benefits the entire AI industry. We have a long and fruitful relationship already with NVIDIA in both co-investing and collaboration and are thrilled to support this program as a founding Alliance partner.

— George Hoyem, Managing Partner, In-Q-Tel

Every industry is being impacted by AI. With NVIDIA’s infrastructure powering the world of AI, NVentures has a front-row seat to all key trends -- and has relationships with some of the most exciting and innovative AI startups through the Inception program. The VC Alliance can provide the same access to leading external venture capital firms investing in AI.

— Sid Siddeek, Head of NVIDIA’s NVentures

Member Benefits

Curated Deal Flow

Connect with startups actively raising capital via the NVIDIA Capital Connect platform and receive monthly deal flow.

Curated Deal Flow
Portfolio Support

Portfolio Support

Assist your portfolio companies via NVIDIA’s Solution Engineering Team, go-to-market support, field marketing, and customer engagement opportunities.

Alignment with NVIDIA Investments & Corporate Development

Gain preferred access for your firm and portfolio companies to NVIDIA’s corporate development and investment teams.

Alignment with NVIDIA Investments & Corporate Development
Closed Door Events

Closed Door Events

Participate in exclusive forums with NVIDIA leadership, customer executives, and investment peers.

Additional Program Benefits

Explore opportunities to promote your firm across NVIDIA's network, including the NVIDIA Inception startup program, AI and data science training via the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, access to a dedicated business development manager, and various sponsorship opportunities.

Additional Program Benefits

Accelerate your portfolio with the NVIDIA VC Alliance today.

Questions about the program? Contact us at VCAlliance@nvidia.com

Join Our Ecosystem of Top VCs

At AI Day for VCs at GTC, NVIDIA announced plans to connect AI and data science startups with critical venture capital via the NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance. The initiative is being piloted with top-tier firms, including Mayfield, NEA and In-Q-Tel.

Access Cutting-Edge Tech & Training for Your Startups

NVIDIA Inception—an acceleration platform for AI, data science, and HPC startups—supports thousands of startups worldwide with go-to-market support, expertise, and technology. Startups get access to training through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, preferred pricing on hardware through our global network of distributors, invitations to exclusive networking events, and more.