Avoid obstacles in the race to AI adoption

Getting to AI-fueled disruption before your competition requires a no-compromise, flexible IT infrastructure that supports accelerated compute and fast data intake.

The roadmap for AI success

You need IT infrastructure that can keep up with data scientist needs and deliver accelerated compute to fuel your algorithms. Our e-book will guide you to a better IT strategy to support your AI dreams.

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Uncover insights before your competition does


NVIDIA and Cisco have built a solution that can help you accelerate your AI and ML workloads: NVIDIA GPU acceleration combined with the manageability, scalability, and performance of Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS).

Together, we address the entire AI and machine learning lifecycle, from development/testing to learning and inferencing.

Now you can:

  • Extract more intelligence out of your data—quickly
  • Prevent islands of AI/ML infrastructure due to disparate computing models
  • Utilize the adaptability of Cisco machine learning compute to power AI workloads at scale
  • Reduce risk with pre-validated solutions
  • Simplify operations by using a cloud-managed infrastructure

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Support the entire AI lifecycle

Testing, development, and model tuning

We provide the flexibility and performance that data scientists need to rapidly iterate and optimize their models.

Machine learning and deep learning

For the most data- and compute-intensive parts of the lifecycle, we provide GPU-accelerated compute that can keep up with the algorithms.


We deliver compute horsepower close to the data source to quickly process data and deliver meaningful insights.

What AI is doing today


  • Predicting shopping patterns and optimizing supply chains
  • Helping prevent loss
  • Enabling frictionless commerce by eliminating checkout stands


  • Quickly screening and triaging radiology, pathology, and dermatology images
  • Predicting patient outcomes
  • Helping guide treatment

Smart cities

  • Recognizing faces, license plates, and suspicious objects
  • Observing the traffic patterns of cars, bicycles, and pedestrians
  • Watching for intrusions into secure areas
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