What Is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is the technology that powers automated messaging and speech-enabled applications—such as intelligent virtual assistants, digital humans, and chatbots—which are paving a revolutionary path to personalized, natural human-machine conversations. But they need to be accurate and fast to be useful. With NVIDIA’s conversational AI solutions—including generative, speech, and translation NIM microservices—developers can quickly build and deploy cutting-edge models that deliver the high accuracy and quick responses needed for real-time interactions.   

Introduction to Conversational AI

Get an introduction to conversational AI, how it works, and how it’s applied across industries today.


Explore the Benefits of Using Conversational AI

Agent Efficiency

Support contact center agents by transcribing customer conversations in real time, analyzing them, and providing recommendations to quickly resolve customer queries.

Digital Accessibility

Enable people with hearing difficulties to consume audio content and individuals with speech impairments to express themselves more easily.

24/7 Availability

Use chatbots and AI virtual assistants to resolve customer inquiries and provide valuable information outside of human agents' normal business hours.

Engaging Experiences

Offer engaging experiences with capabilities like live captioning, generating expressive synthetic voices, and understanding customer preferences.


Explore Our Conversational AI Software

Speech and Translation AI

Speech and translation AI simplify and enhance people's lives by making it possible to converse with devices, machines, and computers in users’ native languages. Speech AI is a subset of conversational AI, including automatic speech recognition (ASR) for converting voice into text and text-to-speech (TTS) for generating a human-like voice from written words. Together, speech and translation AI enable engaging multilingual voice interfaces for intelligent virtual assistants, real-time transcriptions, and voice searches driven by large language models (LLMs) and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG).


  • Build and deploy world-class conversational applications with fully customizable, multilingual speech and translation AI.

  • Provide highly accurate and expressive multilingual voices deployable in data centers, on premises, in the cloud, at the edge, or in embedded devices.


  • Create new speech and translation models by customizing, extending, and composing existing prebuilt ones.
  • Easily export optimized models and deploy them in Riva on premises or in the cloud as a speech service.

Speech AI Workflows

  • Accelerate development time with packaged speech AI workflows, which include NVIDIA AI frameworks, pretrained models, Helm charts, Jupyter Notebooks, and documentation.

  • Move from pilot to production with the assurance of security, stability, and support when you need it.

Large Language Models

Large language models generate, summarize, translate, and predict content using very large datasets.


  • Build, customize, and deploy LLMs.

  • Deliver enterprise-ready LLMss with precise data curation, cutting-edge customization, RAG, and accelerated performance.


  • Speed up deployment of performance-optimized generative AI models.

  • Run your business applications with stable and secure APIs backed by enterprise-grade support.

AI Chatbot With RAG Workflow

  • Build production-quality AI chatbots that can accurately answer questions using your enterprise data.

  • Quickly get started writing applications that integrate NVIDIA microservices with popular open-source LLM programming frameworks.

Use Cases

How Conversational AI Is Being Used

See how NVIDIA AI supports industry use cases, and jump-start your conversational AI development with curated examples.

Content Generation

Businesses are often challenged to extract insights and generate new content from diverse in-house data sources, including text, images, videos, audio, animations, and 3D models. With NVIDIA NeMo, organizations can customize pretrained, RAG-enhanced LLMs. Integrating their domain expertise and proprietary data lets them create relevant, customized, and accurate content tailored to their needs.

Q&A Assistants

Businesses are deploying Q&A assistants to automatically address the queries of millions of customers and employees around the clock. Powered by customized LLMs, RAG, and speech and translation AI NIMs, these assistants deliver immediate and accurate spoken responses, even in the presence of background noise, poor sound quality, and diverse dialects and accents.

Agent Assists

Consumers expect contact center agents to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently. To help agents deliver the best possible experiences, enterprises across diverse industries are deploying agent assist technology powered by RAG, LLMs, and speech and translation AI NIMs. This technology provides real-time facts and suggestions, helping agents respond more effectively and efficiently.

Brand Ambassadors

To enhance customer service experiences and strengthen customer relationships, businesses are building avatars with internal domain-specific knowledge and recognizable brand voices. With NIMs, RAG-enhanced LLMs, and world-class, fully customizable, multilingual speech and translation AI, they deliver personalized answers and recommendations with unique, high-quality, customized voices.

Close Caption, Translation, and Summarization

In the global economy, businesses hold millions of online meetings daily and serve customers with diverse linguistic backgrounds. Companies achieve accurate live captioning with real-time transcription and translation, accommodating worldwide accents and domain-specific vocabularies. They can use LLM NIMs for summarization and insights, ensuring effective communication and smooth global interactions.

Service Robots

Service robots are increasingly found in hospitals, airports, and retail stores worldwide. They aid frontline workers by handling daily repetitive tasks in restaurants and manufacturing facilities, assist customers in locating store items, and support physicians and nurses in patient care.

Customer Stories

How Industry Leaders Are Driving Innovation With Conversational AI


Speech AI for Award-Winning Customer Care

Customer: T-Mobile

Products: NVIDIA Riva, NVIDIA-Certified Systems

Technologies: NVIDIA Data Center GPUs, NVIDIA NeMo, NVIDIA Riva

Microsoft Teams Customer Story

Live Captions and Transcription Services for Microsoft Teams

Customer: Microsoft Teams

Technologies: Microsoft Azure, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server


World-Class Speech AI for the Best Video Conferencing Experience

Customer: RingCentral


Technologies: NVIDIA Data Center GPUs, NVIDIA NeMo, NVIDIA Riva, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server


Leading Adopters Across All Industries

GPU-accelerate top speech, translation, and language workflows to meet enterprise-scale requirements.

Build GPU-accelerated, state-of-the-art deep learning models with popular conversational AI libraries.


The Latest in Conversational AI Resources

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