Build a competitive edge in AI

NVIDIA AI Expert Program
The more you know, the more you grow.

With the exploding demand for AI technology and solutions, there’s also a growing need for more knowledgeable sales and technical teams.

Your team’s knowledge is essential to effectively guide customers through their AI transformation journey.

The NVIDIA AI Expert program will help you stay ahead of the curve and grow your competitive advantage. Upon completion, you’ll become a specialist partner capable of helping customers use AI and machine learning to generate new business value for their organizations.


See how AI is transforming industries

What's in it for you

Official certificate and award

Official certificate and award

Purpose-built resources and tools

Purpose-built resources and tools

Marketing development funding to drive demand-generation activities*

Marketing development funding to drive demand-generation activities*

A seat at the NVIDIA AI summit–Meet the Experts tour

A seat at the NVIDIA AI summit–Meet the Experts tour

Access Exclusive Resources

Join hand-picked, expert-led webinars held. You’ll receive your official NVIDIA AI Expert certificate upon completing 95% of the webinars.

Webinar 1

Kick Off

Welcome, AI experts! The first of our webinars introduce the key presenters and offers an overview of program aims and rewards, as well as gives and gets.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Webinar 2A

Demystifying AI Bootcamp

5 STAR RATING. Must see webinar which gives you all the essential information on technology, market, how to sell, and what revenues and margins can be made

Duration: 120 Minutes

Webinar 2B

Applied AI Bootcamp

To follow our demystifying AI Bootcamp, we go into more details on the tools on how you sell AI. Content on various use cases, how to make money with NVIDIA AI solutions, how AI affects all industries, the AI Sales cycle, and so much more.

Duration: 120 Minutes

Webinar 3

Evolution of AI and the incredible breakthroughs we have made today

In this full session, you will hear about the Current State of AI from various experts; The very recent and exciting breakthroughs in AI from Adam G, the lessons from building one of the world's fastest Supercomputers, the progress in bringing autonomous vehicles to market, the most promising application of robotics, and the new possibilities of Omniverse in architectural and industrial application. 

Duration: 139 Minutes

Webinar 4

Deep Dive Technical Workshop

5 STAR RATING. In this session we will lift the hood and get into all the 'bits and bites'. This is a very technical session featuring all the technical aspects of the AI solution and what is important for you to know.

Duration: 175 Minutes

Webinar 5

Executive briefing for all Channel Leadership

This session is important to attend for all leadership, you will hear about NVIDIA's strategy as a company and what is coming next. Discover where NVIDIA's strategy and yours overlap and work on how the partnership with NVIDIA can be strengthened.

Duration: 115 Minutes

Webinar 6

Vertical session 1: Sharing Best Practice in Higher Education, Financial Services & Manufacturing

Get the inside scoop on how NVIDIA Sales is succeeding in starting those conversations with customers from Higher Education/ Research, Manufacturing and Financial Services and what you need to know to move prospects to customers. Learn what went well and our key learnings.

Presenters: Ralph Hinsche, Mark Hammarstedt & Charles Sutton

Duration: 90 minutes

Webinar 7

Vertical session 2: Sharing Best Practice in Healthcare & Smart Cities

What do you need to know to move the AI discussions along? How can you win business in Healthcare and Smart City customers? NVIDIA Sales Experts Craig Rhodes and Charbel Aoun will share their insights from their experience the, Do's and Don'ts.

Presenters: Craig Rhodes & Charbel Aoun

Duration: 90 minutes

Webinar 8

Creativity & AI

Discover how AI is helping artists enrich and augment their work. How enterprises are leveraging AI creativity to solve their own AI challenges and how NVIDIA AI solutions are breaking new ground in creative, scientific and other industries.

Presenters: Jeroen van der Most, Johannes Stelzer, Chris Mcleod, Carlo Ruiz, Daniela Marggraf

Duration: 1 hour, 18 minutes

Webinar 9

NVIDIA AI for Enterprise: Certified by NVIDIA. Optimized for VMware. Built to scale.

Help your customers discover the power of enterprise-ready software for AI. This info-packed session will introduce you to NVIDIA AI for Enterprise, the comprehensive software suite that enables AI on VMware vSphere. Learn how NVIDIA and VMware are bringing high performance AI into the hybrid cloud and how you can play your part in the NVIDIA AI Enterprise partner ecosystem. Also, Join us to hear about exciting new incentives and prizes.

When: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 10:00 AM CEST
Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes