Barcelona 2022

February 28–March 3

Transforming Telecom with AI and 5G

AI is shaping the next frontier in connectivity—transforming telecom operations, supporting Industry 4.0 with faster, simplified deployment over 5G, and powering innovations in edge services and digital twins for enterprises. Join us at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona to learn how advances in AI, including a new AI-on-5G converged platform, are leading the change.

Connect with NVIDIA AI Experts

Schedule a meeting with NVIDIA telecom leaders to learn more about our AI solutions. Contact us at telco@nvidia.com.

AI Technology Showcase

See how NVIDIA is delivering on the promise of AI everywhere with a host of application frameworks and solutions across nearly every industry imaginable.

AI-on-5G Platform

NVIDIA AI-on-5G is a unified platform that brings together developments in AI and 5G at the edge to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises across industries.

Cloud Gaming

The NVIDIA® GeForce NOW (GFN) Alliance includes the world’s leading telecom firms who are working to deliver high-quality, low-latency PC gaming to nearly any device streaming directly from the cloud.

Conversational AI

NVIDIA Riva is an application framework for multimodal conversational AI services that delivers real-time performance on GPUs.

Digital Twins

Ericsson is using NVIDIA Omniverse to simulate, develop, and optimize 5G network planning and deployments in a virtual world that mirrors reality.

Extended Reality (XR) Streaming

NVIDIA CloudXR utilizes 5G networks to stream virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality content from any OpenVR XR application on a remote server—cloud, data center, or edge—to any mobile XR device.

Industrial Robotics

The NVIDIA Isaac SDK is the robotics platform for accelerating the development and deployment of robotics applications. Isaac SDK is GPU-optimized for AI and computer vision applications, including perception, navigation, and manipulation.

Smart Hospitals

NVIDIA Clara Guardian is an application framework and a partner ecosystem that brings smart sensors and multimodal AI together to improve patient care in healthcare facilities.

Smart Spaces

NVIDIA Metropolis uses intelligent video analytics to help cities and enterprises better manage their most valuable infrastructure, improving safety and operational efficiencies across a wide range of smart spaces.

Virtual Collaboration and Content Creation

NVIDIA Maxine is a GPU-accelerated SDK with AI features for developers to build virtual collaboration and content creation applications such as video conferencing and live streaming.


The NVIDIA AI-on-5G Platform

Learn about NVIDIA AI-on-5G. Supported by an ecosystem of partners, it enables enterprises to deliver new products and services for the hyperconnected economy.

Telco Services with Edge AI

New high-value revenue streams are being unlocked for network providers. Explore key technologies and use cases to drive new opportunities.

Solutions for the Telecom Industry

Find out how NVIDIA is building the software-defined, AI-enabled infrastructure and ecosystem that can turbocharge network performance at the edge.

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI)

Check out workshops by NVIDIA experts to discover the latest techniques and applications across conversational AI, natural language processing, and more.

Meeting Request - MWC Barcelona 2022

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