Powering Intelligent Stores with AI

With AI-enabled intelligent stores, retailers are reducing shrinkage, eliminating stockout, and gaining visibility into in-store customer behavior to optimize merchandising. Data from cameras and sensors provides valuable analytics that enable smart decision making, improve operations, and increase efficiency. Additionally, the same infrastructure can be used for a faster customer checkout experience, including fully automated checkout systems. Explore the four use cases for AI in retail.

Ensuring Public Safety

Supermarkets and mass merchants have had to rapidly shift to meet the needs of their customers—accommodating new purchasing behaviors, increased demand, and health safety needs. Learn how solution providers are leveraging NVIDIA technology to improve inference performance that keeps customers and employees safe by recognizing social distancing, detecting elevated temperatures, and supporting curbside pickup. 

Asset Protection

Retailers worldwide are losing over $100 billion per year to shrinkage, and half of that is happening in North America. Intelligent video analytics (IVA) can accurately and efficiently reduce shrinkage. By improving asset protection at points-of-sale, reducing shoplifting throughout the store, and detecting burglary offenders, employees can work to stop loss in real time. Using existing camera systems, retailers can install IVA applications from NVIDIA software partners to improve asset protection and significantly reduce shrinkage.

Customer and Store Analytics

Online-shopping data and in-store data generated from point-of-sale transactions, cameras, and sensors are rife with insights that help determine customer preferences. IVA data can provide demographics and create heatmaps to reveal popular traffic areas inside stores.

Retailers are using this data to better understand customer behavior and buying preferences, deliver revenue-driving online and in-aisle promotions, and create enhanced shopping experiences.

AI for Autonomous Shopping

Intelligent grab-and-go stores, where customers use their mobile phones to check out, are jumping in popularity, with locations expected to increase 4X annually in the next three years. Solutions range from AI-enabled shopping carts to nano stores and smart cabinets, to fully autonomous stores. With these solutions, retailers can provide customers with frictionless and faster shopping experiences, while increasing revenue and margins. ​

Store Operations

Store associates are the face of retail organizations, so it makes sense to reduce the time they spend on tasks that aren’t customer facing, such as performing inventory counts or scanning for out-of-stock situations. ​Large retailers are using robotics to handle these basic, repetitive tasks. The technology can scan items to check stock levels, correct shelf location, and price accuracy, as well as sort items unloaded from trucks based on priority and department. ​

Most solution providers use NVIDIA GPUs with the NVIDIA Metropolis edge-to-cloud IVA platform to build warehouse logistics machines, manufacturing robots, and smart assistants for automating repetitive tasks.

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