NVIDIA Ethernet SuperNICs

NVIDIA Ethernet SuperNICs

Next-generation networking for the next wave of AI.

Supercharge Ethernet Networking for Generative AI

NVIDIA Ethernet SuperNICs deliver powerful networking for AI factories and cloud data centers. Designed for network-intensive, massively parallel computing, these SuperNICs accelerate GPU-to-GPU communication, ensuring high-bandwidth, low-latency data transfers and enhancing AI performance and scalability. Integrated with NVIDIA Spectrum-X™, they form a critical component of modern AI infrastructure, driving unprecedented efficiency and speed in AI applications.

NVIDIA Ethernet SuperNICs Gain Widespread Adoption at COMPUTEX 2024

AI cloud service providers are embracing NVIDIA Ethernet SuperNICs within Spectrum-X—now broadly available from NVIDIA system partners—to bring extreme networking performance to their AI infrastructures.


Peak AI Workload Efficiency

Built for Massive-Scale AI

Consistent and Predictable Performance

Extensible Infrastructure

Lean, Power-Efficient Design

Secure AI Platform

NVIDIA SuperNIC Portfolio

NVIDIA BlueField-3 SuperNIC

The NVIDIA BlueField®-3 SuperNIC is an advanced network accelerator at speeds up to 400Gb/s, designed for accelerating hyperscale AI workloads while delivering deterministic, isolated performance, with secure cloud multi-tenancy.

NVIDIA ConnectX-8 SuperNIC

The ConnectX®-8 SuperNIC offers up to 800Gb/s of total network bandwidth, transforming generative AI workloads and next-generation data center performance for massive-scale AI compute fabrics.



What is a SuperNIC?

The SuperNIC is a new class of network accelerators designed to supercharge hyperscale AI workloads in Ethernet-based clouds.

Next-Generation Networking for the Next Wave of AI

Modern AI workloads operate at data-center-scale, heavily relying on fast and efficient connectivity between GPU servers. Discover the pivotal role of the BlueField-3 SuperNIC in enabling an optimal AI network.

The First Ethernet Network Designed for AI Workloads

The NVIDIA Spectrum-X networking platform, consisting of the NVIDIA Spectrum switch and the BlueField-3 SuperNIC, is the world’s first Ethernet fabric built for AI, accelerating generative AI network performance by 1.6X over traditional Ethernet fabrics.

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