Building the Industrial Metaverse

Siemens and NVIDIA Partner to Enable Live Digital Twins

Siemens and NVIDIA are collaborating to connect the Siemens Xcelerator and NVIDIA Omniverse platforms, taking industrial automation to the next level. The partnership brings together Siemens Xcelerator’s vast industrial ecosystem and NVIDIA Omniverse’s AI-enabled, physically accurate, real time virtual world engine—enabling full-design-fidelity, live digital twins that connect software-defined AI systems from edge to cloud.

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A New Era of Immersive Digital Twin Technology

NVIDIA and Siemens Expand Partnership to Build Autonomous Factories

NVIDIA and Siemens Expand Partnership to Build Autonomous Factories

Siemens is using the new NVIDIA IGX platform with NVIDIA Metropolis to provide advanced perception for safe and secure industrial-edge AI.

Connecting Siemens Xcelerator to NVIDIA Omniverse Demo

The Next Evolution of Industrial Automation

In this demo, see how the partnership will help manufacturers respond to customer demands, reduce downtime, and adapt to supply chain uncertainty, while achieving sustainability and production targets.

Powering the Industrial Metaverse Together

Powering the Industrial Metaverse Together

Connecting Siemens Xcelerator and NVIDIA Omniverse will usher in a new era of industrial automation, enabling industrial companies of all sizes to build closed-loop, truly real-time, full-design-fidelity immersive digital twins.

See How Deutsche Bahn is Using Siemens Xcelerator and Omniverse

Deutsche Bahn is revolutionizing rail travel by building a large-scale digital twin of railway networks and trains to maximize railroad capacity for the transport of passengers and goods and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of operations. 

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NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is a multi-GPU scalable, end-to-end platform that enables enterprises to build custom 3D pipelines based on Universal Scene Description, and operate large scale, physically accurate 3D simulations for industrial and scientific use cases.

NVIDIA OVX Computing System


Digital twins revolutionize how enterprises design, test, and optimize complex systems and processes, requiring multiple autonomous systems to interact in the same time-space. NVIDIA OVX is purpose-built to power large-scale industrial digital twins from the data center to create and operate massively complex models and true-to-reality simulation environments in real time.

A Simulated Manufacturing World

Large Scale World Simulation

Enterprises are harnessing the power of large scale world simulation to transform their industries and revolutionize scientific discovery. Whether digital twins or virtual worlds for training AIs, learn how some of the world’s leading technology companies are applying serious metaverse applications today.

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