Use of an AV Receiver with HDMI for video may result in audio lagging behind video.  First try using the receiver AV sync settings to calibrate.  If this does not work, use the AV sync slider utility in Settings > Device Preferences > Display & sound > Advanced settings > Audio video sync to calibrate for audio delay.  The AV sync slider allows you to advance audio by 1 second (in small increments of 10ms) to synchronize the audio and video.

Note that this tool is effective only when SHIELD is connected to your AV Receiver over HDMI (i.e. audio/video over HDMI); it is not meant to be used when a headset is plugged into SHIELD Controller/SHIELD Remote or Bluetooth audio device.

If video lags behind audio (i.e. audio is ahead of video) then use your AV receiver’s settings to delay audio.


For TVs that don't provide their own overscan settings, use this setting to adjust the picture size to fit the screen.

Go to Settings > Device Preferences > Display & Sound > Advanced Settings > Adjust for overscan to resize the picture on your TV or display.  Use the UP and DOWN d-pad buttons on your remote to maximize the picture on your TV.  Make sure the green triangles are completely visible to avoid overscan.