Important Note:  This is an experimental feature (beta).  Not all apps support this feature and some TV’s may have difficulty setting to some refresh rates. PLEX and KODI already support automatic refresh rate matching.  

If you are streaming content at a frame rate that does not match your display’s refresh rate, SHIELD will automatically convert the content to match your display.  

SHIELD also includes an experimental feature to match your display refresh rate with the content frame rate.  To use this feature:

  • Start playing a video on SHIELD.
  • Press the “Settings” button to bring out the settings menu and select “Match frame rate (beta)” from the Quest Settings.

Note: Once playback is stopped, the display’s refresh rate will return to its original setting.  You will need to manually activate this setting every time you want to match frame rates.

Optional:  Customize your remote Setting button to match frame rate.  Go to Settings > Remotes & Accessories > Customize Settings button and select “Match frame rate (beta)”.  

For more information or troubleshooting for this feature, see our Knowledge Base article on this topic