Enterprise Support

Maximize the Value of Your DGX Systems

Every NVIDIA DGX system comes with enterprise support for DGX hardware and NVIDIA Base Command software, which includes hardened system software, optimized AI libraries, world-class cluster management, robust job scheduling, and workload orchestration. Get the most out of your NVIDIA DGX systems and streamline AI experimentation with NVIDIA expertise and proven methodologies.

What’s Included in NVIDIA DGX Systems Enterprise Support

NVIDIA DGX Systems Support

Customers with active support contracts are entitled to:

  • Remote hardware and software support, including onboard diagnostic tools*
  • Onsite engineers to replace field-replaceable units (FRUs)**
  • Advanced return material authorizations (ARMAs)
  • Support cases accepted via the Enterprise Support Portal
  • Escalation support during the customer’s local business hours (9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday)
  • Responses from NVIDIA service experts
  • Access to the latest NVIDIA Base Command software

* Doesn’t apply to NVIDIA DGX Station
** Doesn’t apply to NVIDIA DGX Station and NVIDIA DGX Station A100


NVIDIA Base Command

The Operating System of the AI Accelerated Data Center

NVIDIA Base Command powers every DGX system and provides a complete solution for managing your accelerated data center and AI workloads with the latest optimizations, fully supported by NVIDIA.

Why Renew?

Renewing your NVIDIA DGX Systems Enterprise Support agreement helps ensure continuous uptime, ongoing access to the latest software updates, and technical assistance for your DGX system.

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