NVIDIA RTX Embedded GPU Solutions

From ultrasound devices to advanced digital displays and robotics, NVIDIA RTX™-powered embedded GPU solutions provide excellent performance and power efficiency while meeting the highest quality and reliability standards. No matter the industry, application, or deployment environment, embedded GPU solutions powered by NVIDIA RTX are designed to deliver graphics, compute, deep learning, and AI capabilities to a wide variety of systems.

GPU Features NVIDIA RTX A4500 NVIDIA RTX A2000 NVIDIA RTX A1000 NVIDIA RTX A500 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 NVIDIA Quadro T1000
GPU Architecture NVIDIA Ampere architecture NVIDIA Ampere architecture NVIDIA Ampere architecture NVIDIA Ampere architecture NVIDIA Turing architecture NVIDIA Turing architecture NVIDIA Turing architecture
NVIDIA CUDA® Parallel Processor Cores 5,888 2,560 2,048 2,048 3,072 1,920 896
NVIDIA Tensor Cores 184 (3rd Gen) 80 (3rd Gen) 64 (3rd Gen) 64 (3rd Gen) 384 (2nd Gen) 240 (2nd Gen) -
Memory Size 16 GB 8 GB 4 GB 4 GB 16 GB 6 GB 4 GB
Memory Interface 256 bit 128 bit 128 bit 64 bit 256 bit 192 bit 128 bit
Memory Bandwidth 512 GB/sec 192 GB/sec 192 GB/sec 112 GB/sec 448 GB/sec 336 GB/sec 128 GB/sec
ECC Error Correction Code Yes Yes - - - - -
Max Power Consumption, Total Graphics Power (Graphics Sub-System) 115 W 60 W 60 W 35 W 110 W 80 W 50 W
Display Port 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4
NVIDIA® NVLink - - - - Yes - -
Operating System Support Windows, Linux Windows, Linux Windows, Linux Windows, Linux Windows, Linux Windows, Linux Windows, Linux
Encode Sessions Unlimited Unlimited 3 3 Unlimited Unlimited 3
GPUDirect® Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and Video Yes Yes - - Yes Yes -
Long-Life Availability Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Powering Devices Across Industries

Commercial Gaming

Commercial Gaming

NVIDIA RTX powers graphics for casino terminals with specialized customization requirements, including long life cycle support and enterprise reliability for continued business operation.

Defense and Aerospace


NVIDIA RTX delivers fast video processing and AI capabilities for use cases such as rapid detection and response to natural disasters from devices with non-standard size, weight, and power requirements.



NVIDIA RTX-powered solutions for ultrasound, endoscopy, radiology, and more deliver advanced visualization to compact mobile devices in the field.



Computer vision capable robots and 3D printing devices powered by NVIDIA RTX can carry out tasks while identifying objects and intelligently adapting to their environments.

Compact Balde Servers

Compact Blade Servers

Modular infrastructure environments packed with NVIDIA RTX embedded GPUs enable accelerated video broadcasting, AI, and virtual graphics where multiple GPUs can power edge and remote devices.

Visual Communications

Visual Communications

Digital signage and projectors powered by NVIDIA RTX benefit from accelerated video I/O, long lifecycle reliability, and high-quality graphics visualizations for a wide variety of size requirements.

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