NVIDIA Quadro View
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Latest Version: 200.75
Release Date: 2020.06.24
Language: English (or regional language)
File Size: 28 MB

Quadro View Release Highlights

Flexible Window Snapping

Organize your display real estate with custom or pre-defined regions to which you can easily snap your application windows. Supports multiple physical displays and/or virtual desktops.

User Profiles

Quadro View settings can be saved as custom profiles so that you can quickly load previously created partitions for different workflows. Supports ability to launch applications into specific partitions.

Custom Hotkeys

Assign hotkeys to trigger common functions for window selection/navigation/behavior and profile selection to increase workflow efficiency.

Enhanced Application Window Management

Augment native OS window handling with additional control of window behaviors, such as where dialog boxes open, preventing windows from moving out of visible display areas, and more.

Previous Generation Software

NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager - v149.77 - Windows 10

 Download: Quadro nView (8.58 MB)

 View Document: User’s Guide (PDF 10.5 MB)

NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager - v149.34 - Windows 10

 Download: Quadro nView (8.25 MB)

 View Document: User’s Guide (PDF 10.5 MB)