Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NVIDIA RTX Experience?

    NVIDIA RTX Experience is the companion application to your NVIDIA RTX or NVIDIA Quadro® graphics card that enhances professional workflows. NVIDIA RTX Experience  facilitates collaboration with versatile screen recording and streaming capabilities, and helps simplify your workflow with quick access to your favorite GPU-accelerated applications. It also provides automatic alerts for new driver releases, so you can access the latest software features at your convenience. When you’re not working, NVIDIA RTX Experience also provides access to gaming features.

  • How is NVIDIA RTX Experience different from Quadro Experience?

    NVIDIA RTX Experience is a rebrand of the existing Quadro Experience application. With the introduction of NVIDIA RTX products powering the next generation of professional visual, compute, and AI platform solutions for enterprise, the Quadro Experience application transitioned to the NVIDIA RTX Experience name to better align with the new and future products. While the name has changed, all prior features remain the same, and support for all previous generation Quadro brand products also remains the same. New features, like Optimal Settings, are compatible with both NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.

  • What are the benefits of NVIDIA RTX Experience?

    Whether you’re a content creator, designer, architect, or business professional, NVIDIA RTX Experience delivers a collection of productivity tools that enhance  your workflow. This includes notifications for the latest driver updates, so you can implement the latest features, use screen capture and recording tools to document ideas and workflows, quickly access shared content online, and broadcast content live. You can also turn on GPU acceleration for professional applications with Optimal Settings and even turn on gaming features on your  NVIDIA RTX or NVIDIA Quadro GPU to run top gaming titles from your workstation.

  • How does NVIDIA RTX Experience download and install drivers?

    NVIDIA RTX Experience notifies you when a newly released driver is available. Driver release highlights will be presented to help you decide if you want to download and install the driver. Note: NVIDIA RTX Experience can be configured to always download the latest driver, but it will never automatically install the driver for you. To update drivers with NVIDIA RTX Experience, you’ll need to sign in to your NVIDIA account.

  • How does the driver rollback feature work?

    NVIDIA RTX Experience includes a driver rollback feature that lets you  restore your system back to the previously installed driver. Keep in mind  that only drivers installed previously through NVIDIA RTX Experience can be rollback targets. Drivers installed manually outside of NVIDIA RTX Experience may not be identifiable as rollback targets.

  • Does performing a “clean installation” of a driver impact the ability to rollback drivers in NVIDIA RTX Experience?

    A “clean installation” of the driver will remove all traces of the previously installed driver, including driver history. Use of the driver rollback feature can resume with the second driver installed after a clean installation.

  • What are the system requirements for NVIDIA RTX Experience?

    CPU: fourth-generation Intel Core, AMD Phenom II, or later


    • Desktop: Kepler-based Quadro or later graphics

    • Mobile: non-Optimus Notebook with Maxwell-based Quadro or later graphics 

    RAM: 2 GB

    Disk space: 20 MB free space minimum

    Operating system: Windows 10


  • Does NVIDIA RTX Experience work with NVIDIA GeForce® GPUs?

    NVIDIA RTX Experience only works on systems with NVIDIA RTX or NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs. 

  • What data does NVIDIA RTX Experience send to NVIDIA?

    NVIDIA RTX Experience may access and collect data to properly optimize systems for use with NVIDIA RTX Experience, deliver content through NVIDIA RTX Experience, and improve NVIDIA products and services. Review the NVIDIA Privacy Policy for more information on data collection and usage, or visit the NVIDIA Privacy Center to manage your consent and privacy preferences.

  • Does NVIDIA share data collected by NVIDIA RTX Experience outside the company?

    NVIDIA promises to protect your privacy and will never sell your data. You can change your privacy preferences any time at the NVIDIA Privacy Center.

  • Are recording features supported on professional laptops?

    Recording the desktop may be unavailable when the integrated GPU is rendering to the desktop. This is the case with many Microsoft Hybrid/Optimus® notebooks. For best results, use systems where the NVIDIA GPU is dedicated to rendering to the desktop. Dedicated graphics mode, if available, can be enabled through the system Setup menu.

  • Are Optimal Settings available?

    Optimal Settings for supported applications and games are accessible on NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Quadro RTX™ GPUs and later.

  • Can Fast User Switching be used in NVIDIA RTX Experience?

    Fast User Switching is not recommended while NVIDIA RTX Experience is active. Using it may lead to unexpected application behavior, such as loss of access to driver updates and user preferences.

  • Why does Google ask to continue with GeForce Experience™ when uploading a video to YouTube?

    NVIDIA RTX Experience and GeForce Experience share the same connection to YouTube. Your content will be stored in your YouTube account.

  • Why is there a lag between my actual desktop and the same desktop at the receiving end of a broadcast?

    Transmission times and behavior will vary depending on the strength and quality of your internet connection.

  • Does NVIDIA RTX Experience recommend NVIDIA Studio drivers as well?

    NVIDIA RTX Enterprise/Quadro drivers are delivered through NVIDIA RTX Experience. These drivers are a superset of the NVIDIA Studio Drivers that provides all the benefits of the Studio Driver, as well as enterprise-specific enhancements, testing, and independent software vendor (ISV) support. NVIDIA RTX Enterprise/Quadro and NVIDIA Studio Drivers of the same version number will support the same studio feature set. 

  • What are “experimental features”?

    New features may be included in certain NVIDIA RTX Experience updates. These features may not have reached final form, but they’re included for users to try out. Release highlights will call out newly included experimental features.

  • Is Whisper Mode 2.0 available on every system?

    Options for Whisper Mode 2.0—a new level of acoustic control for laptops that use AI-powered algorithms to manage the CPU, GPU, system temperatures, and fan speeds to deliver great acoustics and the best possible performance—will only be accessible on supported systems.


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