Multi-Host Solutions

Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks

NVIDIA® Mellanox® Multi-Host technology enables next generation Cloud, Web 2.0 and high-performance data centers to design and build new scale-out heterogeneous compute and storage racks with direct connectivity between multiple hosts and the centralized network controller. This enables direct data access with the lowest latency to significantly improve densities and maximizes data transfer rates.

Directly Access Data to Reduce TCO

NVIDIA’s Multi-Host technology provides the ability to allow multiple compute or storage hosts to connect into a single interconnect adapter, by separating the adapter PCIe bus into several independent interfaces. Each interface connects to a separate host CPU—with no performance degradation and improves operational agility and efficiency.

NVIDIA Mellanox Multi-host technology on Facebook’s Yosemite V3 multi-host server

ConnectX-6 Dx Offers Best in Class 4th Generation Multi-Host Technology

The ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNIC adds significant improvements to NVIDIA Multi-Host applications by offering advanced QoS features that ensure complete isolation among the multiple hosts connected to the NIC, and by achieving superior fairness among the hosts. ConnectX-6 Dx is equipped with a large shared ingress buffer designed to hold bursty traffic when the incoming traffic rate exceeds the rate of traffic that can be absorbed by the host. The shared buffer configuration allows a single flow to consume the entire buffer space when no competition for buffer usage exists. When multiple flows consume the shared ingress buffer, the buffer is allocated in a manner that ensures that each host and each priority within the hosts are served in a fair manner.

NVIDIA Mellanox Dual-Port 100GbE/Single-Port 200GbE SmartNIC

High-density, Scale-out Designs

Multi-Host, Single Adapter

Multi-Host enables direct connectivity from multiple hosts to a single network controller. Allowing flexible and heterogeneous data center design with direct access to data while reducing capital and operating expenses.

Multi-Host Architecture

Multi-Host technology allows for different CPU architectures (x86, Power, ARM, etc.) and each host to be kept completely independent from the others. Hosts sharing the same network interface save on switch ports, cables, real estate and power.

High Performance, Low Latency

Multi-Host technology allows direct connectivity from multiple hosts to the network, enabling direct data access which lowers latency and overcomes performance bottlenecks to maximize data processing and transfer rates.

Key Features

  • Simple network adapter serving up to 4 hosts
  • Single switch port connecting up to 4 hosts
  • Active cabling, as a single cable that serves up to four hosts
  • Rack space, power and cooling, efficiencies reduce network connections in the data center
  • Hosts can be x86, Power, GPU, Arm or FPGA
  • Fits commodity servers, enabling the deployment of multi-host technology without having to purchase and roll out specialized hardware


  • Enables IT managers to remotely control the configuration and power state of each host individually; guaranteeing host security and isolation
  • Management of one host does not affect host traffic performance
  • Uses a single BMC, with independent NC-SI/MCTP management channels for each of the managed hosts
  • Supports a heterogeneous data center architecture
  • Removes any limitations in passing data or communicating between compute elements


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