Connecting Storage to Your SHIELD

Additional USB storage can be connected to your SHIELD. Connected storage is automatically connected as “removable storage” and SHIELD can read and write directly to the storage device. Apps and app data cannot be installed on “removable storage”. To increase storage for installing apps, connected storage must be formatted as “device storage”.

To format your storage device for “device storage”, select Settings > Device Preferences > Storage > [Storage device] > Set up as device storage. This will format and encrypt your storage device.

SHIELD TV is compatible with the FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, and HFS+ file systems.


Your SHIELD TV device can add Network Addressable Storage (NAS) devices. This can be useful if you have a large amount of personal media shared on a network you would like to access on your SHIELD TV (e.g., PLEX Media Server)

To add a NAS:

  1. Select Settings > Device Preferences > Storage > Network storage.
  2. Any network discoverable drives will be located under "Available Network Storage."
  3. If your NAS is hidden or does not broadcast, you can select "manually add a network storage."