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AI Meets Next-Generation Infrastructure

Accelerating the Broadcast Ecosystem From End to End

The broadcast industry is undergoing a transformation in how content is created, distributed, and consumed. Broadcasters are experiencing a shift from traditional linear workflows bound by fixed-function devices to flexible software-defined, standards-compliant hybrid systems that enable the future of live streaming with AI and ultra-low latency broadcast infrastructure.

NVIDIA provides a full technology stack for the broadcast industry—from GPUs, DPUs, and network switches, to systems, developer toolkits, and software platforms for real-time graphics, video streaming, and artificial intelligence.


Scalable infrastructure built on industry standard IT hardware and software adapts to the rapidly evolving needs of broadcasters. NVIDIA-Certified systems simplify deployment and provide the performance, manageability, security, and scalability to deliver cutting-edge solutions for live broadcast, while increasing operational efficiencies.


NVIDIA standards-based networking solutions allow for low latency, predictable switching, precision timing, and packet pacing. This means they can be configured without dropped frames, buffering, or congestion. 


The addition of GPUs delivers exceptional graphics and compute power at a fraction of the cost, space, and power of CPU-based solutions, while enabling deployment of bare metal or virtual servers.

AI-Accelerated Broadcast Capabilities

Super Resolution

Super Resolution

Content Monitoring and Tagging

Content Monitoring & Metadata Tagging

Virtual Sets

Virtual Sets

Viewer Insights and Analytics

Viewer Insights & Analytics

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

Multi-Format Delivery

Multi-Format Delivery

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See how broadcasters are redefining the way content is created, distributed, and consumed.

  • Put Your Body into It! Easy Talent Tracking in Virtual Environments

    • Øystein Larsen, Chief Creative Officer, Pixotope

    Chief Creative Officer and multi-award winning Creative Director Øystein Larsen explained how Pixotope implemented the NVIDIA Maxine Augmented Reality SDK to enable through-the-lens talent tracking for virtual studios and extended reality (LED volume) environments. Øystein shared how this functionality makes virtual production more accessible, as well as explore some of the more advanced possibilities that this combination of technology brings, with real-world — or should that be virtual? — experiences from Pixotope users and our own studio.

  • Scalable Software-Defined Real-Time Production with ST 2110

    • Michael Bergeron, Senior Category Owner, Production Systems and Advanced Technology, Panasonic Connected Solutions Co.

    Panasonic — a longtime global leader in live broadcast production solutions — discussed how GPU technology, combined with SMPTE 2110, became a natural development platform to evolve live broadcast and post-production products with increased power, flexibility, and efficiency to address a growing number and variety of simultaneous screen destinations and content sources. Live event production faces an expanding list of content sources, formats, and escalating levels of expected production values and rich content, all changing with each project. Panasonic is developing an open-architecture system where processing is GPU-based, interfaces are layer-based, and connectivity is networked. Tight integration and uncompressed processing of all content keeps latency down. Users operate through a desktop GUI and a hardware panel that looks familiar to any experienced TD.

  • Deploying Edge AI Video Analytics to M&E Production and Asset Management Workflows

    • Plamen Minev, Technical Director AI and Cloud, Quantum Corporation
    • Dave Clack, VP and General Manager Cloud Software and Analytics, Quantum Corporation

    The media and entertainment (M&E) industry faces significant challenges with exponentially growing media volumes and requirements to meet aggressive production timelines and budgets. Media production houses are turning to the power of AI for help, but are restricted by existing centralized compute and storage infrastructure. Moving large amounts of media to different locations for AI processing is slow, expensive, and presents security issues. Quantum presented a new approach for a faster and more efficient media production workflow by bringing AI-driven media enrichment and video analytics functionality closer to the media source. We showcased real-life production workflows supported by Quantum's CatDV Media Asset Management system, NVIDIA's DeepStream 6.0 AI-powered video analytics technology, and the StorNext File System. This solution brings extensive real-time automatic image and video annotation, object detection, voice transcription, and other AI-driven functions to the creator's fingertips.

  • Better Off-side Decisions in Soccer using Deep Learning and Computer Vision

    • Floriane Magera, Innovation engineer, EVS
    • Thomas Hoyoux, Senior Innovation Engineer, EVS
    • Olivier Barnich, Head of Innovation, EVS

    EVS — a leader in live-broadcast production solutions — discussed how integrating deep learning and computer vision into its Video Assistant Referee enables better decision-making in soccer. First we explained how to display the off-side line in augmented reality with the highest precision and without tedious operator work, using deep neural networks able to accurately localize pitch markings in the image. Then we presented our vision for advanced video refereeing by showing multiple ways in which computer vision techniques can help referees in controversial situations.

Professional Broadcast luminaries at GTC 22

Professional Broadcast Solutions

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    AI for Broadcast

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    Deployment Flexibility

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    Graphics & Compute

AI for Broadcast

NVIDIA  brings the power of AI to the broadcast industry to enable innovative new capabilities like recommender systems, auto-highlight generation, and intelligent meta-data tagging. Broadcasters can gain new content and viewer insights for a competitive advantage, and eliminate repetitive tasks for operational efficiency. 

For broadcasters who want to develop custom AI-accelerated solutions, NVIDIA AI Enterprise provides an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of  AI and data analytics software. It’s  optimized, certified, and supported by NVIDIA to run on VMware vSphere  with  NVIDIA-Certified  Systems.  Broadcasters around the world are already using GPU-accelerated applications with NVIDIA-Certified systems in the data center.

AI for Broadcast
Image courtesy of iSPORTiSTiCS


For live broadcasting, content distribution, and post-production, NVIDIA’s leading IP-based video networking technologies bring the audience and content closer together. NVIDIA partners with top server and storage providers as well as industry leading software partners to deliver best-in-class video and data throughput for ultra-low latency streaming workloads. 

NVIDIA virtual GPU, networking, and SMPTE ST 2110-21 transport technologies create the underlying frameworks to build next generation broadcast infrastructure.

NVIDIA End-to-End Networking Solutions
Image courtesy of Vizrt

Deployment Flexibility

Rapid scaling of resources simplifies IT management, helps accelerate production schedules, and keeps costs low. NVIDIA virtual workstations can be up and running in minutes, are agile when responding to changing broadcast requirements, and are accessible from on-prem data center or public cloud.

NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations

Graphics & Compute

From camera to consumer, broadcast industry innovators are powering real-time, ray-traced, on-air graphics and virtual sets with reliable, high-end workstations featuring powerful NVIDIA RTX professional GPUs and low-latency NVIDIA IP-networking solutions.

NVIDIA RTX Professional GPUs
Image courtesy of Vizrt

Build Your NVIDIA Accelerated Broadcast Infrastructure

The New Era of Broadcast

Accelerating IP Video for Broadcast

The transition to SMPTE ST 2110 is accelerated by the NVIDIA Rivermax SDK, NVIDIA Bluefield DPUs, and NVIDIA networking solutions, which are production-proven technologies that are relied upon by modern broadcasters who are leading the industry’s adoption of IP Video.

NVIDIA works closely with industry standards groups like SMPTE, IEEE, NMOS, JT-NM and the EBU to help shape the future of the broadcast industry. The move to SMPTE ST 2110 enables limitless possibilities for broadcasters,—from greater workflow efficiencies and cost control, to distributed and remote production. With the rapid rise of OTT and VOD (video on demand), IP-based video workflows facilitate faster time-to-market, while enabling greater creative control and IT manageability. AI-based tools and technologies further deliver new capabilities for faster content creation and distribution, and create opportunities for gaining deeper content and consumer insights.

Accelerating IP Video for Broadcast
Image courtesy of Vizrt
Image Courtesy of Zero Density

Reinventing the Virtual Studio

Today, broadcasters around the world rely on cutting-edge NVIDIA RTX GPUs for augmented reality, virtual sets, and on-air graphics for live production. NVIDIA Networking and NVIDIA RTX combine to help broadcasters rise above the competition with the next generation of virtual studio infrastructure, delivering unprecedented photo-realism, real-time compositing of ultra-high resolution video, and graphics to full-scale LED volumes for virtual production.

NVIDIA's engineering and software development teams are committed to driving the future of real-time cinematic quality graphics for live broadcast. Join NVIDIA’s growing network of broadcast partners - from rising startups to industry-leading solutions providers.

Our Partner Ecosystem

NVIDIA partners with leading software and OEM hardware providers, and best-in-class system integrators to develop and deploy solutions for mission-critical live production, on-air graphics, video production, transcoding, content distribution and more.

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Success Stories

The Future of Professional Broadcast
Image courtesy of Brainstorm

Discover the Future of Broadcast With AI and Accelerated Computing

Learn how NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Networking products are driving the latest broadcast trends, including AI, real-time graphics and virtual production.

RTX accelerating Panasonic KAIROS.

Creative Technology (CT) Elevates Broadcast Workflows

CT brings a new era of broadcasting with NVIDIA switches, Rivermax software, and RTX accelerating Panasonic KAIROS.

Image courtesy of Immersive Design

Immersive Design Studios Delivers Legendary Virtual Experiences

Immersive Design Studios’ CANVAS platform uses NVIDIA RTX 6000 to power high-quality, virtual productions.

Professional Broadcast Resources

 Building Recommender Systems

Building Intelligent Recommender Systems

This session covers the fundamental tools and techniques for building highly effective recommender systems, as well as how to deploy GPU-accelerated solutions for real-time recommendations.

New JPEG XS Standard

The New JPEG XS Standard for Low-Latency, Visually Lossless Streaming in HD, 4K, and 8K

intoPIX presents the benefits of the new JPEG XS lightweight low-latency standard, co-created by intoPIX, and its implementation and performance achieved on NVIDIA GPUs to stream high-quality 4K and 8K live video at the speed of light.

Ultra-High Performance Video Streaming

Ultra-High Performance Video Streaming Meets the GPU with NVIDIA Rivermax

Learn about this IP-based solution that boosts video and data streaming performance, including high-dynamic range (HDR) and higher frame rates, for media and data streaming in up to 100Gb/s networks.

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