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Accelerate your career in AI data science, graphics, and robotics

Jumpstart Your Career in AI

Looking for ways to start an epic career in AI, data science, graphics, or robotics? Learn the essentials from NVIDIA: Watch technology sessions to ramp up your knowledge. Check out “getting started” resources to explore the fundamentals of today’s hottest technologies. Or take a deeper dive with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) training and discover new interests at your own pace.

The Conference for the Era of AI and the Metaverse

Developer Conference March 20-23 | Keynote March 21

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Change the World With a Career in AI

AI is creating opportunities, making history, and turbocharging scientific breakthroughs. From record-setting DNA sequencing to the most advanced computing chips, systems, and software of the future, we're seeing true innovators develop solutions that change the world. If you're a student inspired by AI but don’t know where to begin, this is a great opportunity to learn from today’s leading experts. Join us for this GTC panel and learn about their accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned.

AI Education & Access at Scale

The U.S. government recognizes its important role in broadening access to AI resources for workforce development with the passage of the $280B CHIPS & Science Act. The National Science Foundation is leading an effort to create a national network of AI research centers by facilitating partnerships between government agencies, academic institutions, and industry leaders. A model example of such a partnership is that of the University of Florida and NVIDIA, who in 2021 built the largest AI supercomputer in academia. This conversation with key individuals from industry, academia, and government will review how the partnership was constructed & implemented, national goals for equitable AI research & education, and how federal agencies can learn from this project to strengthen the American workforce as a whole.

AI for Microelectronics Design

Conventional microelectronics design tools employ modeling and simulation to study system performances and limitations. Over the last decade, the microelectronics design space has grown exponentially because of the enormous growth in computing architecture types and application software. Computer simulators are commonly used for microelectronics design exploration. However, complex chip simulations, utilizing these conventional simulators, take an enormous amount of time. AI-based methods for microelectronics design are gaining popularity due to reduced cost and time-to-market for chip design and fabrication. We'll discuss AI-based approaches for microelectronics design and fabrication.

Get Started With AI and More

Deep Learning Demystified
Image created by NVIDIA Picasso.

Generative AI Demystified

Learn the fundamentals of generative AI, its use cases—including question-answering, summarizing, textual entailment, and 2D/3D image and audio generation—and how it’s transforming every industry.

5 Paths to a Career in AI

Change the World With a Career in AI

Gain invaluable insights and guidance from top AI experts as they share lessons and steps to a successful career in artificial intelligence.

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Take Your AI Skills to the Next Level

Check out training and events that offer technology insights, hands-on learning, expert-led sessions, networking opportunities, and much more.

DLI Training On Demand

DLI Training on Demand

Watch DLI training labs for free on demand. You can choose from 25 training videos on accelerated computing, computer vision, conversational AI, cybersecurity, and more. 

Online Self-Paced Courses

Online, Self-Paced Courses

Learn how to set up an end-to-end project in eight hours or how to apply a specific technology or development technique in two hours—anytime, anywhere.



Our end-user event offers something for everyone, with sessions covering groundbreaking technologies, industry use cases, and opportunities to connect with experts.

Expand Your Knowledge

GPU Bootcamp

Open Bootcamp

Hone your skills by connecting with the latest technologies, robust tool sets, and collective expertise.

Omniverse Code Contest

Omniverse Code Contest

Show us how you can #ExtendOmniverse in the inaugural Omniverse Developer Contest. Create an extension with Omniverse Code and submit it before August 19 for a chance to win an NVIDIA RTX™ GPU.

Ray Tracing Gems

“Ask Me Anything” with the Editors of Ray Tracing Gems

Join the NVIDIA Developer Program for free now to participate in this exclusive event to connect with the experts live and ask any questions on Ray Tracing.