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Experience Effortless AI Training

NVIDIA Base Command is an enterprise-class AI training software service that enables businesses and their data scientists to accelerate AI development. Base Command provides centralized control of your AI training projects and works with a variety of NVIDIA-accelerated infrastructure options, including NVIDIA DGX™ Foundry. Experience Base Command with one of these trials:

> Train a BERT Model for Natural Language Processing (NLP) Applications

In this lab, accomplish NLP tasks, such as question answering (QA) and language inference, with NVIDIA Base Command™. Leverage multiple NVIDIA DGX™ A100 640GB systems to pretrain your own highly accurate BERT model on publicly available plain text.

> Train a Large-Scale NLP Model with NVIDIA NeMo Megatron

In this lab, train large transformer-based language models on multi-GPU, multi-node NVIDIA DGX™ systems. You’ll find that all components of the stack, from silicon to network to software, are optimized and GPU-accelerated, promising you the fastest time to train. Bootstrap your enterprise's large language model (LLM) journey using pretuned hyperparameter configurations for GPT-3 models

Instant access to NVIDIA DGX Systems


No need to download and deploy software to your own infrastructure. With a Base Command lab in NVIDIA LaunchPad, you get instant access to one or more DGX A100 supercomputers.

Scale AI Training with Base Command

Massive Scale

Test something quickly on one NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU, or train a large-scale NLP model across multiple NVIDIA DGX servers and see how easy it is to scale with Base Command.

Curated Labs

Curated Labs

Experience the ease of use and power of NVIDIA Base Command with LaunchPad’s curated labs, whether you’re an experienced AI practitioner or just getting started.

NVIDIA Base Command Experts Support

Step-by-Step Support

Throughout your LaunchPad experience, connect with NVIDIA Base Command experts who can help you understand each step in your curated labs.


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