360 Hz

The World’s Fastest Esports Displays

NVIDIA® G-SYNC® displays deliver unparalleled 360 Hz gameplay, making them the choice for esports enthusiasts everywhere. Experience the lowest system latency for faster reaction times, practically no ghosting, and the smoothest motion to help stay on target. Add in zero tearing with G-SYNC, and it’s clear why these displays are designed to win.

Experience the Benefits of 360 FPS Gaming

Built for competitive gamers, 360 Hz displays powered by NVIDIA G-SYNC are 1.5X faster than conventional 240 Hz displays and take full advantage of ultra-high frame rates in today’s biggest titles, including VALORANT, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, and Overwatch.




NVIDIA Reflex delivers the ultimate competitive advantage. Step confidently into battle knowing your PC is performing at peak level with the Reflex Latency Analyzer which captures end-to-end system latency and delivers a precise measure of your PC’s performance.  

Get competitive edge with Next-gen gaming monitor

The Competitive Edge

Next-gen IPS delivers the biggest advancements in competitive gaming monitors--from Variable Refresh Rate with maximum refresh rate range (1-360 Hz) to a built-in esports mode with black levels for competitive play and the fastest Ultra Low Motion Blur mode up to 240 Hz. 

G-SYNC Advantages

High Refresh Rate Gaming Display

NVIDIA works with LCD panel manufacturers to bring the widest range of high-speed panels to market, up to the industry leading 360 Hz refresh rate.

Display with ultra fast response time

Get the ultra-fast response times of impulse displays in inherently slower ‘hold’-type LCD displays for moving objects that are silky-smooth and crystal-clear.

Run Game in Windowed Mode

Get the same smooth, tear-free experience in 3D games running in a window on the desktop as you do for games running in full-screen mode.