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SketchUp: Powerful 3D Design Powered by NVIDIA

sketchup_logo.jpgNVIDIA Products are the Recommended Hardware Platform for SketchUp Sketch-Based 3D Design Tool

@Last Software, makers of SketchUp, a powerful 3D design exploration platform used by creative professionals in the architecture, engineering, and entertainment industries, recommends sketchup_quote.jpgNVIDIA hardware as the platform of choice for their customers. SketchUp has emerged as the standard 3D idea sketching tool on both Windows and Mac platforms by offering advanced 3D creation and visualization capabilities via a deceptively simple interface. Sophisticated enough for complex projects yet accessible for beginners, SketchUp allows everyone from architects to hobbyists to design in 3D.

And it plays well with others! SketchUp exchanges data with all standard CAD, 3D modeling, image editing, and illustration applications. NVIDIA has a long history of developing tools for creative, design, and innovative products, and works closely with SketchUp to ensure that creative and innovative users have a fantastic experience.

sectioning_animation.gif   "Since adopting SketchUp into our game design process we have been able to start working in 3D at the earliest stages: in most cases, completely skipping the need to work out designs on paper first. Working in this way allows us to communicate level designs faster and in a way that our artists can quickly interpret for in-game use. In short, SketchUp is changing the way we design our games." Giles Tuck, Argonaut Games PLC

Be ensured of a stable, problem-free graphics environment with award-winning NVIDIA graphics solutions powering your PC and SketchUp installation.

>>If you do 3D design and want to try SketchUp, download a free demo here:

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