A More Intelligent In-Vehicle Experience

DRIVE Concierge is everyone’s digital assistant, built on core technologies including NVIDIA® DRIVE Orin, DRIVE IX, and Omniverse ACE to deliver a truly unique user experience. It uses conversational AI, natural language understanding, and recommendation engines to meet every passenger’s need and works closely with DRIVE Chauffeur to enhance the experience inside the car.

See DRIVE Concierge in Action

Your AI-Powered Avatar

NVIDIA Omniverse ACE is a collection of cloud-based AI models and services for developers to easily build, customize, and deploy interactive avatars. It opens the door to the creation of AI assistants that are easily customizable with speech AI, computer vision, natural language understanding, recommendation engines, and simulation technologies. With DRIVE Concierge, your avatar can help make recommendations, book reservations, access vehicle controls, and provide alerts.

Image showing a AI powered Omniverse Avatar in the cabin, on center screen.
NVIDIA DRIVE IX Confidence view image

Cruise With Confidence

Drivers and passengers can always see what’s in the mind of the vehicle’s AI with beautiful 3D graphics. DRIVE Concierge is tightly integrated with DRIVE Chauffeur to provide high-quality, 360-degree, 4D visualization with low latency, so the driver can confidently sit back and trust the AI chauffeur to get them to their destination safely.

AI-Powered Speech

Using NVIDIA DRIVE IX and Omniverse ACE, DRIVE Concierge offers real-time conversational AI that can seamlessly interact with drivers and passengers. The system can change vehicle settings, communicate vehicle status, make recommendations, provide alerts, and more, all based on natural language and gesture communications. It’s also personalized to each driver and passenger, giving everyone their own personal concierge.

Image showing conversational AI and full-cabin monitoring
Image showing a vehicle reverse parking into a parking space.

Valet All Day

Parking is an incredibly complex, yet fundamental, task. DRIVE Concierge shows detected traffic signs and markings, in addition to boundaries and slopes, to perform perpendicular, parallel, and angled parking—both entering and leaving a space. It even assists the driver find available parking spaces and can guide the self-parking system by providing a 360-degree 3D surround view with enhanced graphics. In addition, DRIVE Concierge projects dynamic lines for the path and proximity to other objects, adjacent cars, curbs, and bumpers to perfectly align with parking boundaries.

A Trusted Companion

With DRIVE Concierge, riders always have an intelligent assistant at the ready for the utmost convenience and safety. It can perform driver monitoring to ensure attention is on the road, and passenger monitoring to ensure that occupants are safe and no precious cargo is left behind. All these functions are powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, ensuring a low-latency and high-security solution.

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