User Experience, Reimagined

NVIDIA DRIVE® IX is an open, scalable cockpit software platform that provides a truly unique AI user experience. It’s both a guardian and a concierge, using interior cameras and multi-modal interaction to ensure that driver attention is always on the road and passenger needs are taken care of. DRIVE IX seamlessly orchestrates all these safety and convenience features with a centralized compute architecture built on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.

NVIDIA DRIVE IX Confidence view image

Cruise With Confidence

Detailed visualizations of AV perception, prediction, and planning are crucial to building trust with riders. The DRIVE IX confidence view is tightly integrated with the DRIVE AV software stack, providing a 3D rendering of the mind of the vehicle’s AI. It features a graphics software stack that’s functionally safe for robust AV operation.

Meet Your AI Assistant

With DRIVE IX, riders always have an intelligent assistant at the ready for the utmost convenience and safety. The software stack uses conversational AI as well as gesture recognition for seamless multi-modal interaction with passengers. Plus, it performs full-cabin monitoring to ensure that occupants are safe and no precious cargo is left behind. All these functions are powered by compute in the vehicle, ensuring a low-latency and high-security solution.

How NVIDIA DRIVE IX AI Algorithms Perform Intuitive In-Cabin Perception

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One Brain, Multiple Domains

DRIVE IX runs on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, a highly advanced, software-defined AI platform. Orin is the central computer for the car, powering infotainment, digital clusters, visualization of autonomous driving features, and passenger interaction AI. It’s also virtualized to execute multiple domains while still providing isolation for enhanced security and safety certification, as well as seamless upgrades.

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