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AgPerfMon is a comprehensive profiling tool for physics applications.  It's built on a powerful event-logging architecture that allows you to understand exactly how your application is using PhysX.

AgPerfMon consists of three main components:

  1. Event Viewer
  2. Data Extraction Tool
  3. AgPerfHUD

Event Viewer

The Event Viewer displays a Gantt chart of all events, including events from multiple CPUs and various physics workloads.  The Event Viewer supports:

  • Synchronized event time stamps
  • Configurable source-based filtering

Data Extraction Tool

This handy utility allows you to export your data to a graph, or to a comma-delimited format (CSV). Various configuration options are available.


AgPerfHUD is a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that graphs physics data on your application in real-time.  It is the best way to understand your application's physics workload.

Event Viewer: Click for larger view
Analyze Physics Events in the Event Viewer
AgPerfHUD: Click for larger view
Profile Physics Real-Time with AgPerfHUD

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