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DualDDR Memory Architecture

With the increasing use of digital consumer electronic devices, PC digital media authoring applications and high bandwidth connections, the traditional PC architecture is easily strained by users' expectations for interactivity. PC users want to capture, edit, publish and share their media. They want to multitask, and consume media while interacting with other applications. PCs are getting smaller, yet owners demand more performance, particularly from the graphics subsystem. Ultimately, there is no PC subsystem more visibly affected by an under performing memory design.

PC users want to simultaneously interact with multiple large media files, requiring more memory, more system bandwidth and lower access latencies so that each application can get what it needs without having to wait.

Now, NVIDIA is able to deliver the highest overall system performance for both integrated graphics systems and systems with graphics add-in cards. The NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM)2 DualDDR memory architecture optimizes system performance by increasing bandwidth and reducing memory latency.

Features of DualDDR memory architecture include:

  • Highest memory bandwidth: DualDDR combines the power of DDR400 with two independent memory controllers, which yields a staggering 6.4GB per second of memory bandwidth—twice the memory bandwidth of other DDR400 chipsets. Increased memory bandwidth delivers better system and graphics performance, resulting in more overall productivity.
  • Lowest latency: Both memory controllers operate concurrently with each other to hide latencies associated with typical chipsets. For example, controller "A" reads or writes to main memory while controller "B" prepares for the next access, and vice versa. As important is the second-generation DASP (dynamic adaptive speculative preprocessor), which has been re-architected for improved performance.
  • Most stable and flexible memory system: End-users can now populate higher density DIMMs, up to 1GB each, to utilize the entire 3GB memory address map. This large memory map allows more applications, audio and video streams to coexist without conflict.
The NVIDIA nForce2 DualDDR memory architecture provides a no-compromise PC graphics memory solution, allowing everyone to take advantage of today's most intensive applications and get the most performance out of existing memory. Not only can you run multiple applications simultaneously, you can do so without fear that the system will come to a screeching halt. DualDDR raises the bandwidth bar, delivering a 100% increase over current competitive products, and provides the power and performance PCs need to run at their fullest capabilities.

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