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Digital Visual Interface (DVI)

Digital Flat Panels and the Digital Visual Interface

The Old Standard
Computer monitors are on the cusp of a major change: moving away from the traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) display to the sharper image quality of digital flat panels (DFPs). As computer users engage in more graphics-intensive applications, the advantages of DFP displays are clear. With sharper image detail, brighter and truer colors, and space-saving efficiency, DFPs offer users a more pleasing computer experience—from digital content creation to web surfing.

Today, most computer video monitors—including many DFPs—are connected via an analog video graphics array (VGA). However, analog VGA limits DFP image quality by forcing a digital signal through an analog interface. Yet, many DFP users have to connect their latest digital display technology to an analog VGA interface, because few graphics cards offer the required support for digital displays. Fortunately, NVIDIA offers a digital visual interface (DVI) solution through the GeForce3 and GeForce2 family of graphics processing units (GPUs), giving DFP users the superior image quality they have paid for and expect.

What is DVI?
Developed by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG), DVI is a low-cost connection between a computing device (i.e. a graphics card) and a display device, and is the standard connector for digital desktop computer displays and projectors.

DFPs and DVI: The New Standard
Over the next 5 years, digital flat panels and other digital monitors are expected to grow to well over 30% of total PC displays sales. What are the benefits of digital displays driving this growth and why should consumers invest in DFP technology?

Digital flat panels:

    are sharper and offer superior images detail compared to any analog CRT or display;
    display brighter and truer colors than analog CRTs;
    offer more efficient use of desk space and have a cooler look and appeal;
    are better ergonomically and cause less eye strain;
    are more user friendly, requiring less manual set-up, adjustment, and tuning;
    and are a better technical match for today's graphics processors.
With NVIDIA's GPU support of DFPs through the GeForce2 and GeForce3 DVI interface, digital display users no longer have to compromise brilliant digital quality for the limited output of a VGA interface. DVI allows you to take full advantage of the superior image quality of digital displays. The stunning digital quality of DFPs combined with the performance and features of an NVIDIA GPU, deliver an unprecedented, immersive graphic experience.

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