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NVIDIA PowerMizer Technology – Extend Battery Life on Notebook PCs

Intelligent Power for a greener world

As the world is faced with ever increasing demands on its resources, every opportunity to eliminate wasted power can help. NVIDIA® PowerMizer® technology is an intelligent power management solution available on all NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) that can effectively extend battery life and reduce wasted power – all while providing performance on demand even while plugged in the wall.

Key Benefits
  • Extends battery life
  • Intelligently adapts performance based on a user's needs so it saves power even when the notebook is plugged into the wall
  • Runs in the background to provide the best balance of performance and battery life
  • Helps the notebook run cooler and quieter under normal operating conditions by dissipating less heat in the GPU
What's so SMART about PowerMizer Mobile Technology?

The ultimate goal of PowerMizer technology is to optimize power use for the longest battery life in a notebook PC while providing the performance necessary for the task at hand. Some office applications like word processors and spreadsheets require less processing than is necessary for an immersive 3D gaming experience or for viewing a crystal clear high definition video. PowerMizer technology will intelligently adapt itself to suit the performance needs of the application.

Intelligent digital watchdogs monitor the power utilization in various parts of the GPU. When a certain processor engine is not in use or is not required to run full bore, these digital watchdogs will turn them down. This is happening at such a speed that the user will not experience a change in performance, but will know that every watt of battery power is being conserved.

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