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Single-Chip Architecture


The NVIDIA nForce media and communications processors (MCPs) deliver advanced technologies and unmatched performance to desktop, mobile, and professional systems, and continue the NVIDIA tradition of industry-leading platform technology.¹ Coupled with the NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA), which ensures a stable software image for simplified deployment and upgrades in the enterprise, the feature-rich NVIDIA MCP platforms deliver value without compromising performance, and enable a new generation of highly efficient and scalable systems.

  • Lowered latencies: The single-chip NVIDIA architecture provides an inherent performance advantage compared to dual-chip implementations of the same functionality. In addition to overall latency reductions, the NVIDIA nForce MCP significantly boosts device throughput. An extremely fast dedicated HyperTransport link lets the NVIDIA MCPs communicate with the CPU at up to 8.0GBps, which ensures ample system bandwidth. This is especially beneficial when multiple devices are active, or for supporting high-bandwidth devices.

  • Design efficiency: The NVIDIA single-chip architecture uses 0.15 micron process technology compared with the 0.22 micron process used by existing solutions on the market today. This solution offers unmatched integration of features and functionality and results in: Simplified board layouts and more room for on-board features and add-on chipsets. Lower power consumption and dissipated heat. Simplified inventory management and cost efficiencies.

  • Advanced technology features: Built-in NVIDIA RAID technology delivers optimized disk performance through disk striping and fault tolerance through disk mirroring. Select versions of the NVIDIA nForce MCPs incorporate a native Gigabit Ethernet port TCP/IP acceleration. NVIDIA delivers the highest performance networking solution for desktops and workstations. In addition, NVIDIA nForce solutions offer support for the latest graphics processors.

The NVIDIA nForce MCPs uphold NVIDIA’s traditions of reliability, stability, and compatibility. Adherence to the Company’s standards for engineering excellence continues to ensure the success of a growing base of design partners building systems and solutions with AMD and NVIDIA technology.

1. NVIDIA nForce single-chip solutions include NVIDIA nForce Professional, NVIDIA nForce4, NVIDIA nForce3 Professional, and NVIDIA nForce3.

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