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Enhanced Video Processing Engine (VPE)


Today’s notebook users demand the highest-quality video, whether watching a DVD movie on a transoceanic flight, streaming video from the Web, or plugging into an HDTV programming channel. With a GeForce FX Go GPU powering your notebook, the experience will be like nothing you have seen before on a mobile PC, with quality playback that rivals home video equipment. The colors are crisp and bright and the graphics speed and delivery flawless. And, most importantly, video applications will work consistently and reliably, powered by the NVIDIA ForceWare application package.

The GeForce FX Go provides the processing and rendering power needed to drive the highest-quality, most crystal-clear images to the latest mobile displays. NVIDIA’s enhanced video processing engine (VPE) 2.0, available on the GeForce FX Go 5650, 5600, 5200, and 5100 models, plays DVD titles with record low CPU utilization so video playback is smooth, the images clear and without artifacts, and the delivery at breathtaking frame rates. The comprehensive and high-quality Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) support of the GeForce FX Go allows you to edit, mix, and produce your own videos without worrying about application compatibility or stability. And NVIDIA’s enhanced Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) gives you control over image optimization, so you can easily change the image settings for different content, lighting conditions, or display types.

The backbone of GeForce FX Go enhanced video processing, the VPE 2.0 technology, was carefully designed to achieve one goal: deliver unparalleled video quality. Each element of the VPE technology specifically addresses user needs, including:

  • Highest quality DVD, HD, and streaming video playback through a new MPEG-2 decode engine.
  • Crystal clear conversion of interlaced content: Adaptive de-interlacing provides the highest-quality playback of interlaced content on notebook LCD panels.
  • Enhanced image quality for multiple windows and multi-displays: Dedicated gamma correction lets users define two independent gamma-correction settings, depending on the displays.
  • Vibrant and crisp display quality in any situation through enhanced scaling, filtering, and sharpening filters, and NVIDIA’s DVC technology.
  • Enhanced PVR display quality through an MPEG-2 encode assist.
  • Seamless integration of video with other 2D, and 3D windows through comprehensive VMR support.
  • The ForceWare application package, providing and enhanced multi-display work/play environment.
VPE 3.0, available in the GeForce FX Go5700, offers all the capabilities of the previous version, and brings fully and tightly integrated on-chip support for high-definition component video-out display capability. Component video-out is the highest grade of consumer video display output (better than composite and S-video), and is an integral part of the high-definition content specification. The GeForce FX Go5700 enables notebook PCs to now offer this ultimate quality video display-out to users.

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