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NVIDIA NVMixer Application


Immersive Surround Sound with Total Control 

The NVIDIA® NVMixer application enables users to completely control all aspects of their audio experience on any NVIDIA nForce™ media and communications processor (MCP).  Now all the controls are in one place: volume adjustment, recording options, speaker configuration, easy to follow wizards, and more.  Bundled with NVIDIA® ForceWare™ software for NVIDIA platform solutions, NVMixer is the center of the NVIDIA nForce audio experience and delivers rich surround sound for an immersive multimedia experience.

NVMixer supports all NVIDIA audio processing unit (APU), NVIDIA SoundStorm™, and soft audio based NVIDIA nForce systems.  Users with advanced NVIDIA SoundStorm audio technology enjoy additional benefits—such as the ability to customize the audio experience, adjust tonal controls, recreate room environments, and setup special effects.  Enjoy superior quality audio output with the hardware supported Dolby® Digital encoder.

Some benefits of the NVMixer include:

  • Total control over all playback and recording volumes in one location
  • Easy configuration of speakers or headphones
  • User friendly interface for setup and control of your audio experience
  • Integrated help available on the same page as the feature
  • Customization allows many aspects of the sound experience to be altered to suit your listening preferences


  • Adjust volumes, gains, and mutes for all inputs and outputs
  • Easy step-by-step wizard simplifies speaker setup
  • Quickly configures speaker modes and premix levels
  • Enables advanced EQ, environment, effects, and monitoring on APU enabled systems
  • Places all audio information and controls in one central application
  • Supports all NVIDIA nForce MCPs

nForce3 - Windows XP/2000 32-bit
Version: 5.11
Release Date: November 2, 2005

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