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Flight Simulator X

techtips.jpg The following information will outline exactly what settings need tweaking in order to get the best custom tailored experience no matter what NVIDIA Graphics Card you own. These tech tips will truly let you play the game The Way It's Meant To Be Played.

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Using in-game AF (anisotropic filtering) is always better than forcing AF in Driver Control Panel. It's always faster and gives virtually the same image quality, because game developers know exactly which surfaces need anisotropic filtering and which don't. It allows the GPU to save the precious resources and achieve better gameplay. Use in-game AF in Microsoft's Flight Simulator X to achieve better image quality.

Recommended Settings
Parameter 8800 7600 GT + 7300 GS +
Aircraft Ultra High Ultra High Medium Low
Graphics Ultra High Ultra High Medium Low
Scenery Medium Low Medium Low Medium Low
Traffic Medium Low Medium Low Medium Low
Weather Ultra High Ultra High Medium Low
filtering Aniso Aniso Aniso
AA On On On
Resolution 25x16 16x12 10x7
Target frame rate Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Global texture resolution Very high Very high Medium
Lens flare On On On
Light bloom Off Off Off
Advanced anim On On On
Informational text Continuous Continuous Continuous
Aircraft casts shadow on ground Yes Yes Yes
Aircraft casts shadow on itself Yes Yes No
Land lights illuminate ground Yes Yes Yes
High resolution 3d virtual cockpit Yes Yes Yes
Level of detail radius Large Small Small
Mesh complexity 100 60 60
Mesh resolution 1 m 152 m 152 m
Texture resolution 7 cm 5m 5m
Water effects Max 2.x Low 2.x High 1.x
Scenery complex Sparse Sparse Sparse
Autogen density Sparse Sparse Sparse
Ground scenery shadows Off Off Off
Special effects detail Medium Medium Medium
Land detail textures Yes Yes Yes
Cloud draw distance 60mi 60mi 60mi
Cloud detail Detailed clouds Detailed clouds Detailed clouds
Cloud coverage density Maximum Maximum Low
Thermal visualization None None None
Airline traffic density 7% 7% 0.07
General aviation traffic density 7% 7% 0.07
Airport vehicle density Minimum Minimum Minimum
Road vehicles 0% 0% 0
Ships and ferries 15% 15% 0.15
Leisure boats 15% 15% 0.15

For a more detailed list CLICK HERE.

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