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Could virtual fashion shows be the wave of the future? It’s uncertain, but OptiTex Ltd., of Petach Tikva, Israel, has taken the design industry to an entirely new level with its 3D CAD/CAM design technology.

Traditionally, designers had to physically create cloth samples of the actual clothing line for prototyping and to show potential investors, an extremely timeconsuming and expensive process, which generated a lot of waste. OptiTex 3D modernizes this process by enabling designers to simulate the look and movement of clothing designs on virtual models, allowing them to review, refine and measure samples before the first piece of fabric is ever cut.


To address this design challenge, OptiTex is using the NVIDIA® CUDA™ software development environment to reconstruct its cloth simulation engine’s data and algorithms to run on GPUs. The GPU computing solution has enabled developers to remove bottlenecks in the CPU environment and deliver up to a 10X performance increase. The product development time for a seasonal collection is typically 190 days, but with the reconstructed OptiTex 3D solutions, the time to market is reduced to as little as 35 days.

“Converting OptiTex 3D to utilize GPUs has greatly improved the efficiency of our product, offering further huge benefits to our customers,” says Ran Machtinger, President and CEO of OptiTex, Ltd. “With real-time capabilities, the pattern-making process will change forever. The customers in the textile industry won’t have to rely as much on user experience and exhaustive testing for the finished pattern, as the garment will be continuously visualized in 3D.”


As a result of the real-time performance delivered by the GPU computing solution, designers are able to reduce production costs and shorten design cycle time. Users in a variety of industries including apparel, automotive and aeronautics save on materials, electricity and manufacturing expenses by virtually eliminating wasted fabric, paper, power usage, person hours, and courier fees.

For more information, visit: www.optitex.com

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