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To assist with eye strain and enable ergonomic computing, NVIDIA added the QuickZoom feature to ForceWare Release 60. QuickZoom allows users to zoom in on any part of their desktop by pressing a single hotkey. When enabled, QuickZoom does not require an additional zoom window, making it optimized for both single and multi-display configurations. QuickZoom works by zooming in on either the entire display, or the current grid.

To configure QuickZoom, follow these steps:

1. Launch the nView Desktop Manager from the Windows control panel.

2. Make sure the nView Desktop Manger is set to Enabled.

3. Browse to the Hot Keys tab.

  Figure 1  
  Figure 1. nView Desktop Manager Control Panel > Hot Keys  

4. Select Display Settings and expand the list.

5. Select Toggle QuickZoom of display and press the Add button.

6. Configure the QuickZoom hot key by pressing a key combination.

  Figure 2  
  Figure 2. Configuring QuickZoom hot key  

7. Select the QuickZoom style. You can either zoom a grid, or the full display.

8. Click Apply.

9. Now simply press the QuickZoom hot key to launch it.

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