386SX Embedded Microcontroller

Product Overview

The M6117C is a highly integrated, low voltage, single-chip implementation of Intel? 386SX compatible microprocessor plus ULi M1217B chipset. The M6117C provides the following functions : 1) Intel? 386SX core 2)Supports EDO DRAM controller including FP mode 3) Coprocessor Interface 4) ISA interface 5) Peripheral Interface (includes two cascaded 8237 DMA controllers, a 74612 memory mapper, 2 cascaded 8259 interrupt controller, and an 8254 programmer counter 6) Built-in RTC 7) Built-in PS2 Keyboard Controller and Mouse 8)Built-in WATCHDOG timer 9)16-bit GPI/O10) IDE interface.


Static Intel 386SX compatible Core

  • Operating Power Supply 5.0V
  • Operating frequency 25Mhz to 40Mhz
Coprocessor Interface
  • Supports 80387SX coprocessor interface
  • Memory Controller
  • Supports EDO DRAM
  • Supports on board memory size up to 16M bytes for 386SX or
  • 64M bytes upgrade system using 256K, 512K, 1M, 4M or 16M
  • SIMMs
  • Supports up to 4-bank DRAM interface
  • Page interleave DRAM access for FP mode
  • Programmable shadow RAM from A to B segment in 128K byte and C to F segment in 32K byte unit
  • Provides "RAS only" refresh or "CAS before RAS" refresh types
  • Parity generation and checking
Peripheral Interface
  • Includes 2 cascaded 8237 DMA controllers
  • Includes 1 74612 memory mapper
  • Includes 2 cascaded 8259 interrupt controllers
  • Includes 1 8254 programming counter
  • ISA Interface
  • Executes cycles for requests from CPU, DMA and ISA bus master
  • Assembles or de-assembles data for multiple bus cycle or unmatched data width
  • Generates refresh signals to ISA slots during DRAM refresh cycles
Built-in RTC
  • Internal Real Time Clock that provides 128 byte CMOS RAM
Built-In PS2/AT Keyboard Controller
  • Internal PS2/AT keyboard controller and mouse
PMU interface
  • Supports CPU SMM mode, SMI feature
  • Supports APM control
  • Provides External Suspend mode switch
  • Provides four (4) system states for power saving (On, Doze,
  • Standby, Suspend)
  • Supports RTC alarm wake up control
Expandable GPI/O signals
  • Provides sixteen External power control input and output signals
Watchdog timer
  • When timer times out , a system reset or NMI or IRQ happens
IDE interface
  • Provides a decoder for external IDE connection
  • 208-pin PQFP package

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