USB2.0 Digital Video/Audio Device Controller

Product Overview

The M9207 is a versatile digital and analog audio/video controller for various digital TV standards such as DVB and ATSC. In addition, its pin-to-pin compatibility with its predecessor M9205 and support for Microsoft's latest Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) offer customers design flexibility, widens product market scope to DVB and ATSC regions, absolute ease for upgrades, and increases time-to-market efficiency.

Supporting the industry standard ITU CCIR-656/601 YUV 4:2:2 format video input, ULi's M9207 incorporates AC'97-Link and I S interfaces that provides options for mono and stereo audio input. Featuring I C, GPIO, consumer IR, and memory interfaces, ULi's M9207 provide various connectivity for CE applications. In addition, its outstanding power management features make ULi's M9207 an ideal solution to convert any portable devices such as notebook PCs into fully functional digital TV set. 


 USB Interface

    • Supports HS (480Mbits/sec) or FS (12Mbits/sec) data transfer rate
    • USB 2.0 High Speed Device compliant and backward compatible to USB 1.1 Full Speed transaction
    • USB 2.0 video and audio composite device
    • Supports USB 2.0 Control and Isochronous pipes
    • USB 2.0 Isochronous video pipe up to 24MB/sec (only in HS mode)
    • USB 2.0 Isochronous/Bulk audio pipe up to 48KB/sec
    • USB bus powered or self-powered
Video Interface
    • Supports ITU CCIR-656/601 YUV 4:2:2 format (8 bit) video input
Audio Control and Audio Data Interfaces
    • AC97-Link Interface
    • I2S interface
    • 16-bit, 2-channel mono/stereo
Digital TV Interface   
    • DVB/ATSC Transport Stream serial/parallel interface input
I2C Interface
    • Integrates I C-compatible controller, running at 100 or 400 KHz
Consumer IR Interface
    • Receiver (Hardware support)
    • Built-in High-performance Microcontroller 8051 Engine
    • 12MHz clock rate
    • Four clocks per instruction cycle
    • Two UARTS
    • 12MHz 8051 operation
Memory Interface  
    • External ROM
    • One 64K bytes EEPROM for system firmware
    • General purpose input/output with 7 programmable pins
    • 128-pin LQFP

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