Route Optimization AI Workflow

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Route Optimization

Address the vehicle routing problem by optimizing for cost and time with dynamic constraints.

What Is Route Optimization?

Companies that deploy large fleets of vehicles require support processes that allow them to perform at the highest efficiency and quickly adapt to uncertainty. Route optimization determines the optimal set of routes for vehicle fleets to deliver to a given set of customers. The NVIDIA route optimization AI workflow is a packaged solution for increasing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the capability to adapt in near real time to dynamic constraints.

Explore the Route Optimization AI Workflow

The route optimization AI workflow demonstrates how to use NVIDIA cuOpt™ to minimize vehicle routing inefficiencies by finding the most optimal route for a fleet of vehicles making deliveries, pickups, dispatching jobs, and more.

This workflow contains:

  • A packaged, cloud-native NVIDIA cuOpt solver pipeline
  • A reference solution for deploying in production, including components for authentication, logging, and monitoring
  • Helm charts, Jupyter Notebooks, and sample Python code
Route Optimization AI Workflow

NVIDIA cuOpt server integration with third-party APIs for route mapping and visualization.

Start Your Route Optimization Journey on NVIDIA LaunchPad

Have an accelerated optimization project? Get access to the route optimization workflow with a free curated lab. Access a step-by-step guided lab with ready-to-use software, sample data, and applications.

Key Benefits of the Route Optimization AI Workflow

Dramatically Reduce Costs

Reduce travel times and fuel costs with dynamic rerouting—which can save companies millions.

Increase Performance

Route packages up to 120X faster, while maintaining the same level of accuracy, and reroute dynamically when unexpected issues arise.

Scale Seamlessly

Leverage GPU acceleration to scale resources and address the most demanding workloads, enabling use cases previously impossible to take on.

Accelerate the Development of AI Solutions

AI workflows accelerate the path to AI outcomes. The route optimization AI workflow provides a reference for developers to get started in building a route optimization AI solution.

Reduce Development Time

Best-in-class AI software streamlines development and deployment of AI solutions.

Improve Accuracy and Performance

Frameworks and containers are performance-tuned and tested for NVIDIA GPUs.

Gain Confidence in AI Outcomes

Move from pilot to production with the assurance of security, API stability and support with NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

Get Started With Route Optimization

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Deploy in Production

Transition a route optimization AI workflow from pilot to production with confidence with the security, support, and stability provided by NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

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